Electric olive harvester

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output minimum vibrations for the user.

Electric olive harvester

The elliptical system patented by M. Daniel Delmas is based on the oval movement of the comb.
This special movement gives a better harvest of olives in record times.
Using this system, the olives fall on the ground near the tree trunk and are not projected further than the net.
Two comb sizes are available to optimise the harvest depending on the type of olive tree.
ELECTRO’LIV, which has been designed to adapt to all harvesting situations, divides your harvesting times by three * (compared to manual harvesting)."


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At INFACO, our tools are designed to provide you with performance, comfort and many other advantages, ... That is why the olive-growing range offers different tools, including an olive harvester compatible with the PW3 POWERCOUP grip to provide: 

  • Optimised harvesting times
  • Tree and plant protection
  • Reduced dispersal
  • As well as comfort of use

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PW3 powercoup olive harvester

Technical specifications

12 V48 V
Battery voltage12 V - car, tractor or fork lift type48V Li-Ion (8h autonomy)
Power150 W500 W
Rated speed1 100 rpm1 200 rpm

Type of comb

Standard comb11 sticks - length 325 mm11 sticks - length 325 mm

Two sizes of carbon pole

Fixed pole2 m2,20 m
Telescopic pole Length2,10 m to 3,10 m2,30 m to 3,30 m


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