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Is it possible to get a free demonstration?

Is it possible to get a free demonstration?
You can have a free demonstration to test our latest products before you buy. Contact your usual local dealer for more information.
You can find a list of all our official approved dealers on the INFACO website. Be forewarned, trying it means adopting it! 😉

Our dealers

Can I buy my tools online from your website or directly from INFACO?

Our tools are marketed by a network of 400 dealers in France and a network of 40 importers in the rest of the world. They are all trained and approved for advice, sales, after-sales service and local support for all our products.
You can find a list of all our official dealers on the INFACO website. You can get information from any of them. Our dealers


Are you working on cordless pruning shears?

At INFACO we design and manufacture electric pruning shears exclusively for use by professional pruners. Electric pruning shears are tools carried at arm’s length all day long. It is therefore important to develop and market pruning shears that are as lightweight as possible. Our challenge from day one has been, model after model, to propose tools that are ever more powerful, while reducing their weight to the nearest gramme.

For these reasons, our electric pruning shears are powered by a remote battery connected by a cable. In that way, the weight carried at arm’s length all day is considerably reduced. Furthermore, our battery, which guarantees a full day’s autonomy, can also be slipped into a pocket or simply clipped onto a belt.
To overcome some of the inconveniences caused by the old coiled cable, the F3020 has a straight cable. Connected directly to the battery, it can be inserted into the sleeve and/or clipped on using the armband, giving a feel equivalent to that of cordless pruning shears.

A new range of pruning shears with built-in batteries is attempting to penetrate the market. In our opinion, this type of design is neither intended nor suitable for professionals. We don’t recommend it for use over a full working day, as it is heavier, slower, less powerful and has limited cutting capacity.

Is the F3015 compatible with the F3020 pruning shear holder?

The pruning shear holder was designed for the F3020. Even if it can be adapted to the F3015, INFACO strongly advises against this use for two reasons:

• Risk of poor support for the F3015, which is not the same size as the F3020
• Risk of breakage, as the F3015 doesn’t have a non-opening option when used with a pruning shear holder

We suggest you contact your usual dealer to discuss this matter.

How do I activate a setting on my pruning shears?

To help you get to grips with your new tool, we provide a range of support materials:

• The manuals supplied at the time of purchase are also available online on our website. Our manuals
• Tutorials available on our website or on our Youtube page. Video tutorials

If you need any further information on settings, feel free to contact your usual dealer or INFACO’s after-sales service.

What should I do if my tool breaks down?

If your tool breaks down, you should contact your usual dealer or the nearest one.

Thanks to their local service and expertise, they can troubleshoot the fault and repair it on the spot. If necessary, they will send it to INFACO’s head office for further attention. We undertake to return it to you within one day.

You can find a list of all our official approved dealers on the INFACO website. You can get information from any of them. Our dealers

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