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Building 4 INFACO company in Cahuzac-Sur-Vère FRANCE




In 1984, M.Daniel DELMAS invented the world’s first electric shears: the 'ELECTROCOUP. INFACO S. A. was then founded as a family business with authentic values.

In 1985, at the SITEVI international exhibition in Montpellier, Daniel Delmas won the Golden Palm Award for Best innovation for his invention. INFACO sold its first 500 ELECTROCOUP shears during the 3 days of that wine growing trade show.

Since that success, "Customer Satisfaction" has been INFACO's motto, and it has continually striven to improve the ELECTROCOUP to keep its professional wine-growing, oil-growing, fruit growing, and park and garden clients loyal.

In almost 40 years, INFACO has designed, produced and sold over 400,000 pruning shears, the F3020 being the 9th generation of tools.

Currently, INFACO is an international business selling tools in over forty-five countries.

Today, Davy DELMAS (the son of Daniel DELMAS) directs the business composed of 120 employees at Cahuzac-sur-Vère in south-western France (Tarn region). He is still inspired by a passion for entrepreneurship and the family values handed down from father to son.

the upgrades continue
Sécateur électrique professionnel Electrocoup 1ère génération 1984 - INFACO

1st electric pruning shears
in the world


Pruning shear weight : 1160 g
Battery weight : 4520 g
Power : 790 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 1st generation.
Daniel DELMAS had an ingenious idea and began to look at how he could improve his wine-growing friends’ working conditions in the Gaillac region of France.
He invented the world’s first electric pruning shears in the winter of 1984-1985 in the family’s service station garage.
He patented his innovating rotating cam blade drive system.
In 1985, thanks to this invention, he won the Gold prize at the SITEVI-85 innovation contest.
He sold the first 500 tools in just 3 days of trade fair.
That model was the first in a long line and was the start of a wonderful and passionate human adventure.

Sécateur électrique professionnel Electrocoup 2ème génération 1987 - INFACO
Electrocoup 2

Pruning shear weight :  1020 g
Battery weight : 4130 g
Power : 810 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 2nd generation. 
The second model, which was still based on the cam operating principle, included a blade return spring.
The electronics worn on the battery belt made the tool much lighter.
The more compact and lightweight batteries than the previous model were highly appreciated by its users.
The new tool carried on revolutionising pruning and had an increasing number of supporters.

Sécateur électrique professionnel Electrocoup Plus 3ème génération 1989 - INFACO
Electrocoup plus

Pruning shear weight : 920 g
Battery weight : 3540 g
Power : 810 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 3rd generation.
The ELECTROCOUP PLUS was an improvement on the product’s weight and speed.

The slogan “the lightest, fastest, most powerful” was the obvious choice for the advertising campaign.
With its 150 cuts per minute, the slogan was officially recognised and approved by its users.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3000 4ème génération 1994 - INFACO
Electrocoup f3000

Pruning shear weight : 900 g
Battery weight : 3120 g
Power : 1050 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 4th generation.
The F3000 was a genuine evolution in INFACO’s story. The cam drive system was replaced by a pinion / rack system.
This made it possible for the blade to move back before the cutting head was fully closed.
As for the batteries, they moved on from Lead to Nickel Cadmium, and the first adjustable blade opening appeared on this model. The innovations on the model were highly appreciated by users and resulted in a significant upturn for INFACO.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3002 5ème génération 1999 - INFACO
Electrocoup f3002

Pruning shear weight : 860 g
Battery weight : 2460 g
Power : 1050 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 5th generation.
The changes between the F3000 and F3002 were mainly in terms of weight. The pruning shears and battery took advantage of technological improvements to offer a significantly improved carried weight.
The pruning shears became slimmer and the battery switched to Ni-Mh (Nickel - Metal hydride) which was much more efficient than Ni-Cd. This battery technology has no “memory effect” and is a genuine simplification in use and charging / discharging management.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3005 6ème génération 2004 - INFACO
Electrocoup f3005

Pruning shear weight : 900 g
Battery weight : 2240 g
Power : 1100 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 6th generation.
The F3005 was a major evolution that users had been awaiting for many years. In 2004, the blade movement became “coupled” to the finger pressure on the trigger. Once again, this progressiveness was a significant booster for the brand.
By including the control electronics directly into the shear, the power supply cable was simplified and the tool made more reliable. A cut-prevention safety system was commercialised on a wide scale. Operating using a metal sensor inside the counter-blade, wearing a chain mail glove was nevertheless required for the safety system’s conductivity.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3010 7ème génération 2010 - INFACO
Electrocoup F3010

Pruning shear weight :  840 g
Battery weight : 2240 g
Power : 1150 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 7th generation.
The F3010 was the first model that came with the possibility of replacing the cutting head by a “Maxi” head directly on site for coppicing work (large cuts).
The batteries, historically worn as a belt, were changed into an inverted “T” and included in a vest providing the user optimum work comfort thanks to its finesse and flexibility.
The DSES cut prevention safety system (cable version) was modified. All the cutting head parts become conductive, providing triggering using touch detection.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3015 8ème génération 2016 - INFACO
Electrocoup F3015

Pruning shear weight : 790 g
Battery weight : 810 g
Power : 1300 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 8th generation.
The brand best seller.
Everything was capitalised on in the F3015: power, speed, weight, ergonomics, kit compatibility, Wireless DSES safety option (patented), new Brushless motor technology, not to mention reliability.
A 60% more lightweight and more compact Lithium-Ion battery. It easily fits in trouser pockets or can be clipped onto trouser belts.
This model became the world’s best-selling model and put INFACO in the position of the unchallenged leader on the professional electric pruning shear market.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 9ème génération 2022 - INFACO
Electrocoup F3020

Pruning shear weight : 708 g
Battery weight : 698 g
Power : 1560 kg pressure

ELECTROCOUP pruning shear 9th generation.
The latest INFACO model has taken up the challenge!
Even lighter, faster and more compact, the F3020 has a better grip and further improves pruning comfort.
The Wireless DSES is now a standard feature fully built into the tool. One of the brand’s main objectives over the decades.
The level has improved yet again with this new model.
Why not try it out and reap the rewards!


our philosophy

INFACO is a family business with 120 employees, it is its market leader. In the image of its founder, M. Daniel DELMAS, the relationships between the different actors in the chain: employees , suppliers, dealers, importers and end clients are based on human values, trust and mutual respect.


Illustration politique qualite INFACO

Quality policy

One goal: to satisfy you

INFACO has always made the satisfaction of its professional customers, dealers and partners a main strategic goal.



at the core of our company culture.

For almost 40 years now, INFACO has constantly been a precursor in its field of expertise: professional portable electric equipment.

The company has a policy of increasing innovation investments through its design department so that it can offer high quality products. The true objective of the internal teams is to keeps its position as leader on the electric portable pruning shear market. This investment made it possible to develop the 9th generation of the ELECTROCOUP pruning shear and thereby offer a reliable tool at the cutting edge of technology.


Made in France "Guaranteed French Origin” label

The “Guaranteed French Origin” label mainly allows the company to proudly display its commitments to local players and thereby guarantee consumers a high quality product that is in line with highly appreciated French know-how. Such a label is the guarantee of quality that provides full traceability from the selection of parts that must mainly be produced in France, to the product design and final production.

100% of INFACO pruning shears are manufactured in Cahuzac sur Vère, in the Tarn area of France.

Producing quality tools and developing French production has been INFACO’s policy since it was created in 1984.
Quality and reliability have always been our core concerns. From design, through production, to marketing, then our after-sales department, we want to offer users excellent products and services that fulfil our strong human values.
We are humbled by this label, the pride of the company and an illustration of the know-how it strives to perpetuate over the years, with the sole objective of satisfying our users by providing certified, high quality products.

Visuel origine France Garantie INFACO


Récompenses et prix obtenus par la société INFACO

INFACO has been honoured to receive many awards since its beginnings.


1985 - Golden palm for the best innovation at the Sitevi trade show (Montpellier - France) for the Electrocoup electric pruning shear 1987 - Ingeniousness prize at the Sitevi for the cutting back tool 2006 - Golden palm for the best innovation at the Sival trade show (Angers - France) for the Electrocoup pole 2006 - Entrepreneur of the Year prize 2006 - L’Expresse-Expansion group - EY (Ernst & Young) 2010 - Bronze trophy at the Vinitech trade show (Bordeaux - France) for the F3010 Electrocoup electric pruning shear 2012 - Gold trophy at the Vinitech trade show (Bordeaux - France) for the Powercoup de-suckering tool 2012 - Innovation prize at the Dionysud trade show (Béziers - France) for the Powercoup de-suckering tool 2013 - Entrepreneur of the Year prize 2013 - EY (Ernst & Young) 2013 - Ranked 20th SME in the most successful independent French business rankings for 2013 2014 - Golden palm for the best innovation at the Sival trade show (Angers - France) for the DSES system 2014 - Silver trophy for the best innovation at the Agrovina trade show (Martigny - Switzerland) for the DSES system 2014 - 1st prize at the Agriumbria trade show (Bastia Umbra in Italy) for the DSES system 2016 - Innovation prize at the EIMA international trade show in Bologna (Italy) for the F3015 8th generation Electrocoup electric pruning shear 2016 - Innovation prize 2016 at the INTERVITIS trade show in Stuttgart in Germany for the F3015 8th generation Electrocoup electric pruning shearn 2016 - Innovation prize (wine-growing category) at the Dionysud trade show in Bologna (Béziers - France) for the F3015 8th generation Electrocoup electric pruning shear 2017 - "Les Septuors" special prize (Tarn - France) 2018 - Growth trophy - Tarn Innovations (Tarn - France) 2018 - Global business prize - 2018 Entrepreneur of the year prize EY (France) 2018 - Innovation silver trophy at the Vinitech trade show (Bordeaux - France) for Wireless DSES 2019 - Golden Sival at the Sival innovation contest (Angers - France) for Wireless DSES 2019 - 1st prize in the Inn’Ovations contest for territorial innovation of the year (Toulouse - France) for Wireless DSES 2019 - Silver trophy at the Technovid-Oleotech trade show (Spain) for Wireless DSES 2019 - Territorial dynamism trophy 2019 (Tarn)

Customer stories

Our ambassadors talk about us

They know our products well and are the best people to talk about them.
Our warmest thanks to our loyal customers who have been with us for many years.

Discover testimonials from several of them at the November 2021 SITEVI trade show.


  • Attentive to our clients: over 40 years of close relationships with its users.
  • The authentic values of a family business.
  • Design of “Guaranteed French Origin” label tools
  • Hotline and express customer service by specialised technicians.
  • Availability of a Technical-Sales team in the field.
  • Continuous training of the French and International distribution network.
  • Inter-season servicing