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Discover the 8th generation of pruning shears

The next step to perfection

The ELECTROCOUP F3015 electric pruning shears are the new reference. A tool designed for pruning professionals, the F3015 positioned itself in line with its predecessors as a reliable, high-quality tool, approved by all its users throughout the world.

High quality materials have been selected with the utmost care to develop this new model.
Additionally, extended Research & Development resulted in the optimized compactness and weight of the main parts. INFACO thus selected "Brushless" technology for the motor and "Lithium" technology for the battery.

Corps aluminium du sécateur Infaco Electrocoup F3015

The aluminium body, the major part that hold all other parts (made of a special aeronautics alloy), is now covered by a

lifetime guarantee.

  • Compact & light : 790 g
  • Performances :  exceptional power and speed
  • High Cutting Capacity: 40 mm Standard Kit / 45 mm Medium Kit / 55 mm Maxi kit
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Full soft anti-slip (very pleasant to the touch)
  • Very accurate progressiveness

half-aperture adjustment

  • Choose a half-aperture position suited to your pruning habits. suited to your pruning needs.
  • 10 easy to program positions to obtain the ideal half-aperture.  

F3015 demi-ouverture

Electronic blade
overlap adjustment

  • Optimise your blade service life using the electronic blade overlap system. the electronic blade overlap system.
  • 10 easy to program positionsto obtain the ideal blade overlap.

F3015 croisement lame

2 operating modes

  • PROPORTIONAL: opening and closure depending on how quickly the trigger is pressed.
  • PULSE: press the trigger once=closure at maximum speed, and release the trigger=opening at maximum speed.

Ultra compact

The Lithium-ion cobalt battery weighs only 810g. This battery’s storage cells have been selected for their reliability over time and capacity to deliver intense current.

  • 120Wh LITHIUM Battery
  • Weight: 810g
  • Full-day complete autonomy 9hrs*
  • Battery with built-in electronic management system and cell protection (BMS)
  • LITHIUM high capacity storage cells - POWERTOOLS storage cell technology
  • “High Power” type “Long Life” intelligence cells.

5 year pro-rated battery guarantee
INFACO Exclusive
See guarantee terms and conditions in the user guide

* depending on the use and storage conditions

Batterie lithium ultra compacte pour sécateur

F3015 Battery jacket F3015


The new jacket has excellent comfort of use thanks to the adjustable battery-carrying possibilities.
The light weight of the battery combined with this new jacket gives an immediate sense of comfort.
The new F3015 battery can be carried 4 different ways:

  • on a jacket with straps
  • on the belt (without the removable straps)
  • using a clip on the trouser belt
  • directly in the pocket thanks to its small size.

The belt has been designed to optimise air flow and therefore considerably reduce perspiration effects. The very small jacket strap surface area reduces back perspiration.

Gilet avec bretelles
vest with braces

Gilet batterie f3015 ceinture

Gilet batterie f3015 Clip ceinture
Clipped to the trouser belt

Gilet batterie f3015 Portage en poche In the pocket


“We were delighted that INFACO asked us to test their future ELECTROCOUP model.
We were presented the new prototypes for the 2013/2014 season and we were immediately won over by the mini-battery concept.
After having used the prototypes throughout the 2014/2015 season, we proposed some changes that the design office took into consideration. Indeed, for the following season, everything we had pointed out had been altered, making the tool easier to use.
For the 2015/2016 season we worked using F3015 pre-series shears and it was a delight.
INFACO asked us to revert back to the F3010 for a few days to compare the two models. The difference surprised us. We liked the old F3010 and before testing the F3015 we were convinced that it would be difficult to do better.
Personally, I was happy to go back to using the new F3015 model as soon as I could. This is the undisputed proof of the improvements on this tool. The improvements can be felt in the speed, power, precision of the progressiveness and the grip on the tool, as well as in  the working comfort with the mini battery.
We are happy to have contributed something to the creation of these new shears. We are sure all users will appreciate this new F3015 model as we do.

“ Dominique MALBERT (Wine grower, Midi-Pyrénées region, France )"

“I was asked to test the new ELECTROCOUP F3015 during the 2 last pruning seasons.
Since 2010 I had been using an F3010 which I was very happy with.
I must admit that at the start I was doubtful of finding better than the F3010.
I very quickly got used to this new tool. The progressive cuts are even better, but the three things that especially surprised me were the speed, the power and the comfort of the small battery (I almost had no jamming cuts using this new model).
The battery lasts for the full announced 9 hours. Furthermore, I even tested the tool until the battery was completely flat. Over two days I managed 14 hours without recharging (when pruning the grapevines). After more than a month pruning using the F3015, I went back to the F3010 for a few days... it was strange.
Even though I was an unconditional fan of the F3010 before testing the F3015, all I have left to do now is to upgrade, as they say, “trying it is adopting it!”

“Sylvain BARREAU (Wine grower, Midi-Pyrénées region, France)

Smart automatic charger

Quick charge: 1 hour 30 minutes

The F3015 Lithium battery charger makes it possible to get a 90% charge in one hour. Complete charge is achieved in one and a half hours (cell balancing included).
The F3015 battery has an autonomy of one working day.
The charger has two standard charge outputs (as on the F3010) specially designed for the other energy consuming tools in the line that run off the shear battery such as the POWERCOUP PW2 saw, chain saw, hedge-trimmer, desuckering tool, olive harvester, etc.

Battery wintering function:

The “Long Life” wintering mode is used to place the battery into extended storage state and optimise its service life.
Recharging is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the wintering button at the end of the pruning season, let the charger do its work for a few hours and store the tool in its case until the next season.

Chargeur batterie lithium automatique intelligent

The F3015: more than just a tool

Like its predecessor, this electric pruning shear gives you the possibility of changing the cutting head yourself depending on the work you want to do.
The tool’s main asset is its versatility, thanks to the Medium and Maxi kits. Only 5 minutes are needed to transform your shears for other punctual or permanent pruning applications.
The only shears in the world with 3 interchangeable heads with adjustable half-aperture system and DSES safety system. F3015 is available from the factory in Standard or Medium versions.

Sécateur infaco f3015 kit standard

Standard Kit

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Sécateur infaco f3015 kit medium

Medium Kit

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DSES Option or WIRELESS: Extra Electronic Safety System (DSES)

INFACO now offers two patented Electronic Safety Devices: the DSES system and the DSES WIRELESS system only available with ELECTROCOUP electronic pruning shears.

They meet different needs.

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DSES option safety system Infaco

A48V3: 48 volt electric grinder
48 volts


Thanks to its 3-pad connection, the new A48v3 electric sharpener is now compatible with the ELECTROCOUP F3005 – F3010 – F3015 batteries.
It saves significant time on daily sharpening. Optimize your blades for a higher performance from your ELECTROCOUP with the A48V3.
This sharpener runs on 48-volt current and connects to your battery to sharpen your shears directly where you are working.

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Specially adapted solutions for high
pruning work

The F3015 can be used on a set of fixed and telescopic extension poles ranging from 1.20m to 3.5m, giving a cutting reach of up to 5m above ground.
The pruning shears are controlled by a micro switch housed in a sliding handle on the carbon fibre tube.



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Technical specifications

 F3015 StandardMedium KitMaxi Kit
Shear Weight (g) 790 g+70 g+480 g
Blade opening (mm) ) 60 mm70 mm100 mm
Cutting capacity (mm)  40 mm45 mm55 mm 
Blade tip Speed (mm/s) 271,6240175.12
Blade axis torque (N.m) 184.3223.2360
Half-aperture function yes (switch)
Half-aperture adjustment yes
Blade overlap adjustment Yes
Operating Mode Pulse/Proportional
On/Off switch on the tool yes
Built-in battery autonomy indicator yes
Aluminium body structure yes
Cut prevention safety system yes (DSES option)
F3015 battery
All specifications for our machines are given for informational purposes, they are never contractually binding and may be changed.
Battery Weight (g) )810 g
Weight of the Helix Cable (g) 150 g
Right hand/left hand adaptable oui
Average battery autonomy 9 hours depending on use
Complete charging time 1 h 30
Average battery voltage 48 Vcc
Charger voltage 230 V 50 Hz
110 V 60 Hz
Battery wintering function yes
Battery compatibility Powercoup line
Guarantee 12 months (3 years for the gear motor, the aluminium body has a lifetime guarantee)

Guaranteed French origin - The only electric shears with a label

INFACO has obtained the “Guaranteed French origin” label for its ELECTROCOUP F3015 pruning shears. This label was awarded by the Bureau Veritas audit organisation. INFACO is still the 1st and only company in its sector to have obtained such a label. The French manufacturer has been rewarded for its Made in France know-how. Indeed, 100% of ELECTROCOUP pruning shears are manufactured in Cahuzac sur Vère, France. The purpose of this French production is to satisfy our clients in terms of quality and services.

origine France garantie BVcert.6152145

The “Guaranteed French origin” label

The label was created on the initiative of the French Secretary of State for Trade, Crafts, small and medium enterprises and gives consumers a clear information about the origin of a product and its authenticity. The purpose of the label is to inform and promote a company’s French manufacture, whatever its sector of industry.

Two criteria must be met by the product to obtain the label:

  • the location in which the product takes on its essential characteristics must be in France
  • at least 50% of the unit cost price is purchased in France

"These conditions are fully met by the ELECTROCOUP pruning shear manufacturing process.
As a result, after 30 years of loyalty to all its French partner suppliers, INFACO is proud to have obtained this “Guaranteed French origin” label.

Factory servicing 
“limits fault risks”

A fixed price service is available at the end of each pruning season.
You can have an extended warranty for your first three pruning seasons. To benefit from it, you must have carried out the fixed price servicing at the end of the first and second seasons.
If, during the first 3 seasons following the purchase of your equipment, one of the services is not carried out, the warranty extension will be cancelled.

The shears are directly picked up from the INFACO dealers by our logistics department and are shipped to the factory (Tarn region of France). They are then taken apart, cleaned, checked, serviced, reassembled and quickly returned to the dealers.

For further information, please contact your INFACO dealer.

F3015 en situation de coupe en vigne