garlic kitF3010

Garlic cutter F3010 pruning shears

The electric pruning shear for garlic production

garlic cutter

INFACO has created the Garlic Kit, a revolution for garlic growers

Designed alongside sector specialists, this new cutting head that fits onto the ELECTROCOUP F3010 electric pruning shear fitted with the DSES system will improve the working conditions for all farm labourers while providing increased output.

Beyond the human aspects, the Garlic kit has a blade that is perfectly suited to uprooting garlic, and has a cleaner cut.

  • Quick and easy
  • Accurate and effective
  • Higher output
our benefits
Reduces repetitive movements
  • The pruning shear makes it possible to reduce the pressure exerted by the hand and thereby contributes to reducing tendinitis frequency or the frequency of other pain caused by repeated movements. Its cutting width makes it possible to uproot with a minimum number of cuts, thereby reducing the number of pushes.
Cut cleanliness
  • The blade adapted to uprooting garlic provides clean cuts. The blade composition has been selected for contact with the stones and soil on the garlic roots.
technical specifications
Pruning shear weight F3010 Blade opening (mm) Cutting capacity (mm)
845 g
62 mm
42 mm