hoof trimming kitF3020

Hoof trimming kit F3020 pruning shears

The electric pruning shear
for hoof trimming

hoof trimming kit

Designed for hoof trimming that is safe for the animals and the professional.
Increase the efficiency of the care given to your herds or flocks.
Once or twice a year, preferably once the cattle or goats have spent a few days in the meadows, their hooves need to be trimmed. Eliminating excess horn to keep the animals balanced and help them fight foot rot is an essential but painstaking task that requires dexterity, strength and patience.
Designed to trim hooves while limiting the strength needed, the F3020 hoof trimmer kit also provides an accurate, brief and fast movement, thereby limiting animal stress . Furthermore, the Electrocoup F3020 progressiveness gives highly accurate movements and limits the risks of the animal being injured.

  • Fast and easy
  • Accurate and easy
  • Limits the risk of injury
Our benefits
soft Mode 
  • This new mode arrived with the F3020: the “Soft” mode.
  • It is especially suitable for hoof trimming to obtain accurate movements and limit the risk of injury to the animal.
Increased efficiency
  • Be more effective thanks to more accurate movements.
  • Limited animal stress.
technical specifications
Pruning shear weight F3020 Blade opening (mm) Cutting capacity (mm)
60 mm
40 mm