Olive harvester V5000 Electroliv

INFACO's olive harvesters: cutting-edge tools for olive growers



Professional electric olive harvesters from INFACO are fast and efficient. There are two types: those compatible with the Powercoup handle (two possible movements: elliptical and alternating) or those for dedicated machines. They enable optimized harvesting and are particularly appreciated by olive growers.

alternating movement vibrating tool

The INFACO professional olive harvester V5000P3A is a revolution in the olive industry with its modularity that adapts to all situations.

Thanks to its alternating movement, the harvester is a valuable ally during challenging harvests. It provides a perfect balance between efficiency and user comfort.

Our benefits
Power and adaptability
  • Great comfort and formidable efficiency during harvests
  • Balanced, sturdy, and ergonomic
  • Speed adjustment available in 10 different settings
Yield and plant respect
  • Very high yield thanks to the high-frequency motor
  • Carbon rods to prevent branch breakage
technical specifications
Technical information Weight Power Comb beats
Static pole : 2,2 m
3,2 kg
960 W
850 to 1 040 / min

elliptical movement harvester

The INFACO V5000P3E olive harvester optimizes olive harvesting time by dividing it by 3 compared to manual harvesting.

The elliptical movement of the carbon fingers respects the plant, preserving future harvests and reducing alternate bearing. As a result, olives are less scattered to the sides and are easier to pick.

The tool is lightweight and easy to handle, providing real comfort for professional work.

Our benefits
Limited dispersal
  • Controlled olive dropping
  • Facilitated picking
  • Speed adjustment available in 10 different settings
Environmental respect
  • Carbon rods to prevent branch breakage
  • Silent operation
technical specifications
Technical information Weight Power Comb beats
Static pole : 2,5 m
3,4 kg
720 W
850 to 1 250 / min
Telescopic pole : 2,2 to 2,8 m
3,9 kg
720 W
850 to 1 250 / min


Versatile Motorized Multifunction Handle

IINFACO offers the POWERCOUP PW3 range, succeeding the PW2 and still operating on the concept of interchangeable machine heads.
One handle = 10 professional power tools : pruner, hedge trimmer, saw, olive shaker, de-leafer, thinning tool, grooving tool, hoeing tool, and sweeper.

Compact, maneuverable, and lightweight, the POWERCOUP PW3 handle provides optimal working comfort. It is silent and eco-friendly, making it suitable for various maintenance tasks in residential areas, campgrounds, or any other noise-sensitive zones.

The PW3 handle features a flat motor using "Brushless" technology without carbon brushes.

Through electronic recognition, the handle's speed adjusts automatically based on the attached tool. This allows for fine-tuning of the motor's performance to achieve the best power/speed/torque compromise depending on the tools being used.

Fixed or telescopic poles

For high-level tasks, INFACO offers poles that can be easily attached to the Powercoup PW3 handle. This system allows for the maintenance of the highest hedges or branches safely for landscapers or green space professionals.

Whether fixed or telescopic, the tool adapts to various pruning techniques :

  • Two models of fixed poles: 93 cm or 183 cm
  • One telescopic pole model: adjustable from 110 to 165 cm


The POWERCOUP PW3 range is compatible with all 48 Volts INFACO batteries (F3005, F3010, Lithium F3015, and L810B).

PW3 is not compatible with the 36 Volts L100B battery of the F3020 pruner.

F3015 Battery

Lithium 120Wh battery weighing 810g. The battery can be carried 4 different ways: on a vest with straps, using the belt (without straps), using a trouser belt clip or directly in the pocket thanks to its small format.

L850B Battery

Lithium battery attached to a vest with straps, of a weight of 3.5 kg.

Technical information Battery weight Hedge-trimmer autonomy
810 g
1 à 2 heures
3,5 kg
10 à 15 heures

The POWERCOUP PW3 range is also compatible with the F3010 battery




The patented elliptical system of the Electoliv' is based on the principle of an "oval" movement of the comb.

This special movement allows for the rapid and efficient harvesting of difficult olives, always with optimal respect for the plant.

Thanks to this system, the olives fall to the ground near the trunk and are not projected outside of the net.

The Electroliv' is available in 12V and 48V and can be used with both fixed and telescopic poles.


our benefits
Battery compatibility
  • Tool connection to a 12V car (or tractor, or cart) battery is possible.
  • Compatible with L810B batteries, F3010 or 3015 batteries.
  • Silent operation
  • Respect for the plant
technical specifications
Technical information Power Speed Pole length Weight Battery Accessories
Electro'liv 12V
200 W
1 200 oscillations / min
Static: 2,20 m or telescopic : 2,30 to 3,30 m
3 kg (static) or 3,250 kg (telescopic)
Battery, 12V - car, tractor or fork lift type
15m power cable with grips
Electro'liv 48V
350 W
1 200 oscillations / min
Static: 2,20 m or (telescopic : 2,30 to 3,30 m available at the end of 2022)
3 kg (static) or 3,250 kg (telescopic available at the end of 2022)
Battery 48V