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Câbles sécateurs en révision - INFACO

3 good reasons to get your revision done your INFACO pruning shears and fasteners!

Professional electric pruning shears need daily maintenance! Cleaning, blade sharpening and greasing. A well-maintained tool produces nice, clean cuts, so the plant heals more quickly. After an intensive pruning season, INFACO also recommends that you call in the overhaul service for annual maintenance of electric pruning shears (from F3005 to F3020). Although they are subject to less stress and require less maintenance, tying machines (A3Mv2) also benefit from an annual maintenance programme. Here are three good reasons to use them!

Reason no. 1: warranty coverage

The guarantees for pruning shears and tying machines are the same. If your tool has been serviced and is less than three seasons old, it may be eligible for an extended warranty. If it is more than three seasons old, it can no longer benefit from the manufacturer's warranty.
In both cases, however, the overhaul entitles you to free return postage and factory labour during the season, in the event of an after-sales service.

Remember that after each service, your equipment is checked and repaired.So youcan start the new season in the best possible condition😉

To find out all about the other services offered by INFACO, go to the Services page.

Révision usine sécateur électrique F3010 - INFACO

Reason no. 2: thorough inspection of master parts

Parts inspected on pruning shears

  • Contact check
  • Motor control
  • Hook rectification
  • Update of electronic cards
  • Lubrication of bevel gear, rack and pinion, battery wiring, charger, control box

Parts inspected on attachment machine

  • Wire passage
  • Brake rollers (cleaning)
  • Coil brake
  • Complete external cleaning
  • Head (dismantling and cleaning)
  • Greasing the top of the hull
  • Motor rotation, count the number of all and stop position
  • Battery wiring
  • Charger
Sécateurs en révision - INFACO

Reason no. 3: wear parts changed

Parts changed on pruning shears

  • Standard or medium steel blade
  • Straight bonnet
  • HMI glass (on F3020)
  • Half-opening switch (on F3015)
  • Right and left housing
  • Blade shaft, needle stop
  • Grease plug, screw and nut locking system
  • Locking plate, friction washer

Parts changed on attacher

  • Thread guide
  • Thread locking cable
  • Thread block sharpening
  • Springs