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Photo article Arno, fabricant de lames - INFACO

Who is ARNO, the manufacturer of INFACO blades?

For all the parts that make up its professional electric pruning shears, INFACO knows how to surround itself with specialists and experts in their field. The blades and counter-blades for the brand's pruning shears are made in Thiers, the cutlery capital of France.

ARNO was founded in 1933, and over the years has perfected its skills in the manufacture of technical blades and industrial knives.
French know-how that's protected and well preserved.

Photo article Arno, fabricant de lames - INFACO

The techniques used

As a cutting expert, ARNO uses a variety of technologies to produce its blades, whether for the industrial, food-processing, agricultural or medical markets.

  • Hot forging, for the fibre and mechanical strength it produces
  • The rammer, a machine that deforms the metal into the desired final shape
  • Laser cutting, for the versatility of shape cutting resulting from forging
  • Digital machining for finishing parts
  • Grinding, rectification andsharpening for technical blades.

The company has been industrialising for years, investing 5 to 10% of its turnover to ensure that it always has a competitive machine park and robotised production lines where necessary.

The team is made up of around fifty people, who work hard every day to offer the best products and services to their customers.

Their know-how is recognised, and their experience in these fields is a valuable asset!

Photo article Arno, fabricant de lames - INFACO

Demanding sectors and reference customers

ARNO works for a wide range of sectors, each as demanding as the next:

  • Industry, with complex geometries for all kinds of machines and applications (textiles, energy, hand tools, etc.);
  • Thefood industry, with blades featuring specific profiles for professional household appliances;
  • Cutlery, with fully forged blades made from martensitic stainless steel (which provides excellent hardness and corrosion resistance);
  • Wine-growing, with the design of blades for pruning shears or pruning blades;
  • medical applications.

ARNO's customers include : MICHELIN, NOREMAT, OPINEL, BLACK & DECKER and HUTCHINSON. INFACO is proud to be part of this long list of prestigious customers and to be working alongside an expert in cutting for so many years.

Towards the reindustrialisation of France

Arno is a long-standing partner that continues to develop while maintaining its know-how! Technical know-how that will always give priority to the quality of raw materials, industrial excellence and safeguarding the French economy. The INFACO brand shares this dynamic and this vision of industry, in particular with the Origine France Garantie label.

To find out more about ARNO, visit their website:

Photo article Arno, fabricant de lames - INFACO