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Many slogans claim that the products on the market are of French origin. But is it really true?

There are plenty of such slogans, but the reality is that most of these marketing arguments only partially reflect reality, and sometimes even obscure a much less chauvinistic truth. It was with this aim of clarifying the facts that the Pro France association created the "Origine France Garantie" certification.

How does the Origine France Garantie label work?

There are a number of advantages to obtaining the Origine France Garantie label. First and foremost, it enables companies to proudly display their commitment to local players, thereby assuring consumers of a high-quality product that respects highly valued French know-how. Obtaining a label of this kind is a guarantee of security that enables total traceability, from the choice of parts, most of which must be produced in France, to the design and final manufacture of the product.

But this certification requires us to follow a very rigorous process, going from validation to validation in 2 major decisive stages:

  • The first phase, known as the "documentary audit", consists of taking stock of the origin of the manufacturing parts, which must come mainly from French companies, as well as for the manufacture of the final product. The final point to observe is to ensure that at least 50% of the unit cost price is acquired in France. Once the application has been completed, it must be examined by an approved body (AFNOR Certification, Bureau Veritas, FCBA, CERIB or SGS).
  • Once validated, the "confirmation audit" is carried out to verify the information provided during the first audit, by carrying out checks in the factory and on product samples. Once these stages have been validated, the Origine France Garantie label can be proudly displayed.
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INFACO and Guaranteed French Origin

INFACO obtained this certification on 26 May 2014 for its ELECTROCOUP F3010 pruning shears. But long before that, since the company was founded in 1984, with the invention of the world's first electric pruning shears by Daniel Delmas in the heart of the Tarn at Cahuzac-sur-Vère, it has always seemed obvious to maintain and develop French production. Because of its human values, INFACO has maintained reliable, long-term relationships with its suppliers and partners for over 35 years, sometimes more, enabling us to maintain genuine mutual trust.

The ELECTROCOUP F3015 battery-powered pruning shears have been certified "Origine France Garantie" since they were launched in 2016, resolutely in line with ethical principles and product quality:

This proximity allows INFACO to be truly flexible and adaptable in its operations, while guaranteeing its customers high quality.

But our approach does not stop at the pruning shears alone, as all our tools in the POWERCOUP range also benefit from the Origine France Garantie label. This is the case for the Electroliv, the pruner, the thinner, the saw, the pruner and the hedge trimmer.

Quality and reliability have always been at the heart of our concerns. From design to marketing, through to manufacture and after-sales service, we are committed to offering users an excellent product and service that reflect our strong human values.

We are humbled to be awarded this label again this year, as it is a real source of pride for the company and a reflection of the expertise we have built up over the years, always with the aim of satisfying our customers by offering certified, quality products.