INFACO technical sales representatives
Technicos-commerciaux présentant les produits INFACO

The technical sales team INFACO evolves

INFACO's sales department has just undergone a change, so now's the time to tell you all about it!
Our sales team is led by our sales manager and comprises 6 technical sales representatives and 1 support technician. They share France and the rest of the world and are therefore responsible for passing on our brand's processes to our entire distribution network. They also take part in numerous trade fairs and events to develop the brand in new markets and new countries.

Technicos-commerciaux présentant les produits INFACO

A strong French and international network

Nearly 450 distributors in France

France and its network of approved distributors (around 450 distributors) form an efficient network across the country to ensure a local service for each user customer.

Specialising in viticulture, arboriculture and green spaces, the distribution network markets INFACO products while providing the brand's after-sales service. Authorised distributors are equipped and trained on an ongoing basis by technical sales staff to maintain a high quality local service for end-users, in line with their requirements and the brand's processes.

Technicos-commerciaux présentant les produits INFACO

Two different hemispheres for a cyclical business

INFACO is an international company with a solid network of importers, one in each country where the brand is sold, for a total of around 50.

Our business is cyclical and closely linked to the seasons (e.g. winter pruning only, excluding green pruning). Since we operate in both hemispheres, we work alternately with countries in the northern and southern hemispheres. When it's winter pruning time in the north, it's harvest time in the south, and vice versa. We therefore adapt the presence of our technical sales staff, our services and offers according to the hemisphere and the season.

Distribution of technical sales staff in France and abroad

Carte de France des régions couvertes par les technicos-comemrciaux INFACO ainsi que les pays étrangers