Growing blueberries in Peru
Taille du café au Costa Rica avec des sécateurs F3020 INFACO

Agriculture from Peru to Costa Rica, between blueberry and coffee

Meet Yaniel, technical sales representative at INFACO for over a year. He looks after the central-eastern part of France, and in particular the countries of Latin America: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Panama and Colombia, as well as Switzerland and Portugal. He has just returned from a trip to Costa Rica and Peru, and tells us all about it.

What are the main crops in Peru?

Peru is a major fruit-exporting country with a highly diversified agricultural sector. During the trip, our importer SOBITEC taught me a lot about the country and its markets. It is one of the main producers of blueberries, citrus fruits (mainly mandarins) and table grapes.
There are 25,000 hectares of vines in Peru - that's a lot!

Are Peruvian workers interested in INFACO electric pruning shears?

The use of professional electric pruning shears is faster and therefore more profitable, so they're obviously very popular with fruit growers in Peru! I was able to present the new Contactless safety option for the F3020. The Peruvians were impressed, both by the power of the F3020 (they're still using old models) and by the technology of the safety device that anticipates danger. It's a major advance, and one that they were particularly enthusiastic about.

What is Costa Rica's main agricultural production?

Costa Rica is famous for its coffee plantations, which I'd never seen before and it's really impressive. Our local importer, Resusa, arranged several field visits for me, and I was able to meet some of the people who cut the coffee fields. The country is also one of the biggest producers of bananas and pineapples.

Cultivation de myrtille au Pérou

Do Costa Rican workers use INFACO electric pruning shears?

During my visits to the coffee plantations (in San José and Alajuela), I was able to talk to the workers. They welcomed me with great joy and gratitude because the electric pruning shears are changing their lives. They use them and they give them incredible yields. They told us that they used to employ 20 workers to prune around 300 hectares, but with their F3015 they now only need 6! They confide that the "yields are incredible" and that the work is now more pleasant and less difficult. The evolution of agriculture in this country is impressive: facilities and processes are becoming increasingly mechanised.

#Did you know: INFACO's technical sales staff travel all year round to meet the network of importers around the world. This strong presence is important because it enables them to provide ongoing training on procedures and new products. It's the key to guaranteeing excellent after-sales service for all our customers, not just French ones! One fixed idea: to satisfy you.