Presentation of our contacless security system at sitevi 2023
Stand INFACO Sitevi 2023

Contactless option available on the INFACO F3020 pruning shears: press review

INFACO unveiled its latest safety option for the F3020 professional electric pruning shears, the DSES Contactless, exclusively at Sitevi 2023. The information was widely reported in the trade press, with the top 3 media coverage.

Emilie and Benjamin's VitiBio Youtube video

Watch their video filmed at SITEVI 2023 at the bottom of the page.

Présentation de notre système de sécurité contacless au sitevi 2023

"An innovative anti-cutting system": Viticulture in the Loire Valley

The Contactless system consists of a transmitter module worn on the hand opposite the pruning shears, inserted into a mitt or glove, and a receiver that can be fitted to the bonnet of the F3020. The innovation lies in its non-contact operation: the blade opens immediately as soon as the pruning shears get too close to the hand, creating an invisible protective bubble that prevents cuts*.

*Source: article "Un système anti-coupure" in Viticulture en Val de Loire No. 414, January 2024.

Présentation de notre système de sécurité contacless au sitevi 2023

"Connected pruning shears on the lookout": Matériel et Paysage

"The manufacturer has developed a connected product called Contactless, a secure anti-cut system. It automatically prevents the blade from opening if the user's opposite hand gets too close. Instead of a glove, it uses a light transmitter worn on the free hand. The safety settings allow for three zones of proximity to the opposite hand, depending on the application. This innovation eliminates the need for professionals to wear a connected glove, as required by the previous system. What's more, Contactless is not affected by fence wires or any other metal. The rechargeable transmitter has an operating time of around 12 hours. **

**extract from the article "Un sécateur connecté aux aguets" in Matériel & Paysage No. 188, December 2023