F3020 pruning shears

The new reference


The F3020 electric pruning shear is the worthy heir to the F3015. After over 6 years of research, tests and fine-tuning, INFACO is proud to present its latest model of pruning shears. A genuine concentrate of technology, the F3020 builds on the highly respected F3015 technical base adding many improvements to allow our clients to continue using the best tool available on the market.

Even more effective than the F3015, the F3020 has higher cutting speeds and improved work comfort.

Lighter, more compact and easier to handle than the previous generations, the F3020 once again demonstrates the brand’s will to satisfy the greatest number.

F3015 / F3020 changes
Technical information Pruning shear weight Grip - handling Speed Power Progressiveness Standard / Soft mode Wireless DSES system as standard “Settings” button DSES Activation/Deactivation Adjustable blade opening switch Adjustable blade opening Adjustable blade overlap Battery level displayed on the shears ON/OFF Switch on the shear Record of the number of cuts, etc... Battery weight Vest comfort with straight cable Removable vest straps Lockable pruning shear holder Connected Bluetooth box option MEDIUM kit compatibility MAXI kit compatibility Pole extension compatibility Pole extension compatibility without cable Guarantee
790 g
810 g
708 g
698 g

The 4 main areas that have been improved are:
handling & comfort of use, weight, speed, power

+ powerful (+20%)
+ compact (-15%)
+ lighter (-12%)
+ faster (+15%)

Secateur electrique pro F3020 standard – INFACO

Loaded with technological advances, the pruning shear can now be “connected” using an optional Bluetooth® box. This new system makes it possible to report highly relevant data in order to achieve ever more effective pruning work.

This connectivity option, combined with the new INFACO® application provides the possibility of making a multitude of adjustments directly from a smartphone (adjustable blade opening management, blade crossing, new Soft mode speed configuration, etc.) but also offers advanced reading and analysis of the data collected during the device’s use.

  • Compact and lightweight : 708 g
  • Performances : power and easy handling
  • High cutting capacity : 
    40 mm Standard Kit
    45 mm Medium Kit
    55 mm Maxi
  • Kit Ergonomic and design
  • Technological and Connected
  • DSES Wireless cut prevention system as standard

f3020 standard

use on branches of up to 40mm
60mm blade opening

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 standard – INFACO

f3020 medium

use on branches of up to 45mm
70mm blade opening

Tête kit medium sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 – INFACO



Additional electronic safety systems

INFACO has always considered safety to be essential. A true pioneer in the 1990s, it has never stopped investing in cut prevention solution research for its user clients. Significant Research and Development resources were used to provide you an accessible, increasingly safe and innovating solution.

Today, the ELECTROCOUP F3020 has taken a further step forward. All our pruning shears are fitted as standard with the DSES Wireless feature : Additional electronic safety systems (wireless).


Standard Wireless DSES

This new wireless safety system is composed of a conductive trigger that makes the connection between the user’s body and the shears’ electronic system (INFACO patents).

As soon as the cutting head touches the opposite hand (bare or wearing a glove), the pruning shear blade opens instantly, thereby preventing accidents!

The Wireless DSES system operates in direct contact with the skin. However, everyone has their own conductivity level. So, to guarantee a high level of conductivity, the use of INFACO conductive gloves is nevertheless recommended. They increase the signal and provide better protection (see recommendations in the instructions for use).

Important: if you want to use gloves to protect from the cold, the system imposes wearing INFACO conductive gloves.

The use of INFACO conductor gloves is strongly recommended to :

  • Increase the safety system conductivity.
  • To make the reactivity consistent on the entire hand surface.
  • Reduce unwanted triggering on wet wood and/or wood that is too close to the ground.

For the DSES system to operate properly, wash the glove by hand at least once per week using clean, cold water without detergent.

Dses filaire + gant pour sécateur électrique professionnel – INFACO

Hard wired Dses option

Contrary to the Wireless system, the “hard wired” DSES option requires wearing an INFACO conductive glove. The glove is connected to a specific “hard wired DSES” power supply cable.

As soon as the cutting head comes into contact with the conductive glove, the pruning shears blade opens instantly, thereby preventing accidents!

The hard wired DSES system provides user protection while reducing eventual unintended openings on damp wood, sappy wood or very close to the ground.

For the DSES system to operate properly, wash the glove by hand at least once per week using clean, cold water without detergent.

Download the Wireless and Hard-wired DSES comparison here

Technical information Safety level Dry wood cuts Damp wood cuts Cuts near the ground and/or on sap-filled woo Triggering by contact with trellis wires Wireless system Wearing of an INFACO conductor glove
Hard wired DSES
Mandatory with the connection cable
Wireless DSES
The safety system can be triggered 5 to 10 times per day
Probable triggering of the safety system
Optional but recommended
electronic settings

Progressive blade movement at full speed.
F3020 speed (+15%) v. F3015

  • The “Standard” mode is suitable for users experienced
    in the use of electric tools who want
    to fully benefit from all cutting speed capacities.

This new mode appeared with the F3020 :

  • This mode is specially adapted to those who are learning the
    pruning trade and/or users who prefer flexible tool
    control rather than productivity.
  • Progressive blade movement at slightly reduced speed (F3015 speed)
Half-aperture adjustment
  • Choose a half aperture position suited to your pruning habits.
  • 10 easy to program positions to obtain the ideal half-opening.
Blade overlap adjustment
  • Optimise your blade service life using
    the electronic blade overlapping system.
  • 10 easy to program positions to obtain the ideal blade overlap.
Batterie pour sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 – INFACO
lithium-ion battery
Ultra lightweight compact

The new Lithium-Ion Cobalt L100B F3020 battery weighs only 698 grams compared to 810 grams on the previous version. Its voltage is now 36 volts (compared to 48 volts on the previous F3015 model). The F3020 pruning shears are still 36 volt and 48 volt compatible.

Its sleek design and reduced volume provide a day of pruning without any recharges. With its multi-purpose carrying system, the F3020 battery is easy to slip into a pocket or click to a belt, and will very quickly be forgotten during your pruning sessions.

  • LITHIUM 108Wh battery
  • Weight : 698g
  • Full-day complete autonomy 8hrs*
  • Battery with built in electronic storage cell protection and management system (BMS)
  • High capacity LITHIUM cells
  • POWERTOOLS storage cell technology
  • So-called “High Power” “Long Life” smart cells

INFACO Exclusive
See guarantee terms and conditions in the user guide.

*depending on the use and storage conditions

Harnais complet + batterie + brassard pour sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 - INFACO
f3020 battery vest
4 possible carrying options

Designed to provide unprecedented comfort, the F3020 vest is highly ergonomic and easy to use. Thanks to the new straight cable system that ingeniously crosses the vest to the shoulder (with arm band) it becomes almost invisible. Benefit further from the lightweight sensations of your F3020 pruning shear and work all day without hindrance.

The battery can be carried 4 different ways:

  • On a vest with straps.
  • On the belt (without the removable straps).
  • Using a trouser belt clip.
  • Directly in the pocket thanks to its small format.

AIRFLOW Contact system
The belt has been designed to optimise air flow and therefore considerably reduce perspiration effects. The very small vest strap surface area
also reduces back perspiration.

New arm band :
New, easy to use, quick fastening arm band.

smart automatic

Quick charge : 2h

The worthy successor to the F3015 smart automatic charger, the brand new F3020 battery charger makes connecting easy.

The battery no longer needs to be taken out of the vest : for more practical use, now the battery is charged using a cable that directly connects the charger to the battery, making its use easier.

The F3020 lithium battery charger enables a 90% charge in one and a half hours . Full charge is achieved in 2h (cell balancing included).

Battery Sleep mode

The “Long Life” Sleep mode is used to place the
battery into extended storage state and optimise
its service life.

Recharging is no longer required during the off-season. Just press the overwintering button at the end of the cutting season, operate the charger for a few hours and store the tool in its case till next season.

Application connectée réglages sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 - INFACO
a connected tool
Application available on IOS and Android

It is now possible to plan the progress of pruning using new connected solutions. A Bluetooth® additional module is available for the professional electric pruners INFACO F3020 or F3015! Our promise? To optimize your organization while managing your productivity. This will not only increase your peace of mind but also simplify the management of your domain. But that's not all! If the application allows for tracking the progress of pruning, it is also possible to:

  • View the warranty status
  • Watch tutorial videos available for the proper use and maintenance of your pruner
  • Manage the complete device fleet
  • Manage your Declared Points (PAD)
  • Adjust your pruner (half-open, crossover, automatic standby...)

The application, available for free on iOS and Android, must be paired with the Bluetooth® additional module. INFACO offers three connected solutions, including two in collaboration with Aptimiz.
For more information, please visit Our Connected Pruning Management Solutions page.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 en viticulture avec porte sécateur - INFACO
pruning shear holder

The new INFACO pruning shear holder is ergonomic, light and discrete. Its innovating fast locking/unlocking system has been patented by INFACO.

During use, it allows to free both hands during use using a single movement, by storing your tool safely in its sheath (blade closed/in standby mode or switched off).

Easy to wear, not cumbersome, easy to use and secure, it can be attached to a belt or the battery holder vest.

The new F3020 pruning shear holder therefore perfectly fits into your work equipment.

It is available with a “Standard” and/or “Medium cutting head.

Quick Lock-Unlock system

  • Minimum size
  • Secure
  • Easy to use
Made in France "Guaranteed French Origin” label

The “Guaranteed French Origin” label mainly allows the company to proudly display its commitments to local players and thereby guarantee consumers a high quality product that is in line with highly appreciated French know-how. Such a label is the guarantee of quality that provides full traceability from the selection of parts that must mainly be produced in France, to the product design and final production.

100% of INFACO pruning shears are manufactured in in Cahuzac sur Vère, in the Tarn area of France.

Producing quality tools and developing French production has been INFACO’s policy since it was created in 1984.
Quality and reliability have always been our core concerns. From design, through production, to marketing, then our after-sales department, we want to offer users excellent products and services that fulfil our strong human values.
We are humbled by this label, the pride of the company and an illustration of the know-how it strives to perpetuate over the years, with the sole objective of satisfying our users by providing certified, high quality products.

Logo Origine France Garantie - INFACO
aluminium body

The aluminium body, the major component on which all the pruning shear elements are fixed (made of a special aeronautics alloy), is now covered by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.


12 months (3 years for the gear motor, the aluminium body has a lifetime guarantee)

Up to 3 full seasons guaranteed if the first 2 set price services are completed.

The guarantee extension applies to all the F3020* parts, including the motor, gear motor, electronics board, battery and charger.

*Excluding wear parts.


Perche batterie intégrée + sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 standard – INFACO
Static or telescopic poles

Working at height has never been easier.

The INFACO design office engineers have completely revolutionised the
pole system to propose an innovating and ergonomic solution.

Simply clip your F3020 pruning shear to the end of the pole
and the battery to the other end: that’s it, your tool is ready for use.
Forget the previous cables and operate your shear using a Bluetooth®
trigger system situated in the sliding handle making it very easy to use.

Sliding grip
Pruning shear controlled using Bluetooth® technology

Benefit from optimised balance thanks to the weight distribution but also increased battery safety in bad weather.

The tool versatility will be appreciated by users, whether for large cuts or overhead work.

Two versions available:
Built-in battery - Offset battery (static and telescopic)

Affûteuse électrique A48V3 - INFACO
the A48V3 electric grinder
sharpen your blades in record time

Keep the blade profile sharp easily and in record time using the INFACO electric sharpener.

Sharp blades reduce the cutting force exerted on the motor and its mechanics, thereby protecting your tool.

Thanks to its 3-pad connection technology, the A48v3 electric sharpener is now compatible with the ELECTROCOUP F3005 – F3015, F3015 and F3020 batteries.

It saves significant time on daily sharpening. Optimise your blades for a higher yield from your pruning shears with the A48v3.

This sharpener runs on your battery to sharpen your pruning shears directly where you are working.

technical specifications
Grinder weight Rotation speed Mandrel diameter Voltage Accessories delivered with the machine
5 700 rpm - 6 000 rpm
3 mm
36 Vdc / 48 Vdc
Abrasive strip, blade wheel, cutting disc

All specifications for our machines are given for informational purposes, they are never contractually binding and may be changed.

Affiloir pour sécateurs - INFACO

carbide burnisher

Get a cutting blade edge

The INFACO tungsten carbide edging tool maintains a good cutting edge on the blade. A sharp blade guarantees faultless cut quality and reduces the risks of spreading wood diseases.

As a supplement to the 2 recommended daily sharpening sessions, we advise that you use the new INFACO carbide burnisher. Using it every hour maintains the cutting side of your blade edge. Your cuts will be even neater!

For correct sharpening :

  •  Sharpen twice a day (using a stone or an electric grinder)
  • + Edge once/hour (INFACO carbide burnisher)



the f3020 kits

Like its predecessor, the F3020 gives you the possibility of changing the cutting head yourself depending on the work you want to do.

The tool’s main asset is its versatility, thanks to the Medium and Maxi kits.
It only takes 5 mins to transform your shears for other occasional or permanent pruning applications.
The only shears in the world with 3 interchangeable heads with adjustable blade opening system and DSES safety system.
F3020 is available from the factory in Standard or Medium versions.

Change the cutting head yourself simply, depending on your needs.

F3020 standard head

Use on wood of up to 40mm.

Ideal for pruning grape vines and suitable for orchard pruning.
This kit is the best compromise between cutting rate and power.

Kit lames standard sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 – INFACO
F3020 medium kit

Use on wood of up to 45mm.

Increase your tool’s cutting capacity using the Medium kit which is specially designed for fruit-growers, forestry and landscaping.

This kit offers a higher cutting capacity while maintaining a speed adapted to your application.


Kit lames medium sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 – INFACO
F3020 maxi kit

Use on wood of up to 55mm.

Perfect for cutting back vines and fruit tree transformation.
Lighter than the previous kits thanks to its one-piece blade.

It is also an essential tool for tree lopping in forestry work and all work in parks & gardens.
The Maxi kit will give your F3020 unrivalled cutting capacity.


Kit lames maxi sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 – INFACO
F3020 hoof trimmer kit

special for breeders

Designed for hoof trimming that is safe for the animals and the professional.

Increase the efficiency of the care given to your herds or flocks.

Kit lames onglon sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 – INFACO
Technical information Pruning shear weight (g) Blade opening (mm) Cutting capacity (mm) Adjustable opening function Blade opening adjustment Blade overlap adjustment Blade advance Use mode On/Off switch on the device Built-in battery autonomy bar indicator Aluminium body structure Cut prevention safety system “Settings” button DSES Activation/Deactivation
F3020 standard kit
708 g
60 mm
40 mm
yes (switch)
Standard / Soft
yes (Wireless DSES)
F3020 medium kit
835 g
70 mm
45 mm
yes (switch)
Standard / Soft
yes (Wireless DSES)
F3020 maxi kit
1 165 g
100 mm
55 mm
yes (switch)
Standard / Soft
yes (Wireless DSES)
F3020 hoof trimmer kit
60 mm
40 mm
yes (switch)
Standard / Soft
yes (Wireless DSES)

rental offer

The rental service strengths
  • Quick financing approval directly through your approved INFACO dealer
  • Your INFACO F3020 electric pruning shears available for 36 months from €45/month excluding VAT, all inclusive
  • 2 services included during the rental period
  • 3-year guarantee subject to servicing using the INFACO Factory servicing program
  • Comprehensive insurance included
  • Local service from the approved INFACO dealer network guaranteed
  • Easy renewal of your machine assets: simply return them after 36 months
Visuel offre d'emploi - INFACO
Your cash flow and borrowing capacity are maintained: the rent paid is deductible from operating costs spread over 36 months.
Your tax situation is improved: these costs
are deductible from your company’s
taxable result.
Your management is simplified: less
administrative formalities, no depreciation
management, new equipment every
3 years.
The terms
  • The monthly rent is calculated based on the complete standard INFACO F3020 shears without safety options
    or additional accessories, i.e. €45 excluding VAT per month for 36 months, subject to acceptance by our partner financing establishment. 3-year guarantee, servicing and comprehensive insurance included. Offer valid at approved INFACO dealers taking part in the offer.
  • These guarantee terms and conditions are valid within the European Union as well as in non-member states bordering continental France (excluding Corsica).
  • Rental offer valid until 31/03/2023