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5 good reasons to buy reconditioned electric pruning shears

When it comes to equipping a vineyard or a farm with professional equipment, the act of buying must be carefully considered as it has a direct impact on cash flow. Among the options to consider, buying second-hand INFACO reconditioned professional electric pruning shears can represent an interesting economic and ecological solution.

Significant savings on equipment purchases

The most obvious advantage of buying reconditioned electric pruning shears is the reduced cost compared to buying new equipment, when these specialist tools can represent a significant investment. By opting for reconditioned pruning shears, you can save money without sacrificing quality by buying a non-professional tool.

Sécateur F3020 standard oléiculture - INFACO

Refurbishment and one-year guarantee

The reconditioned electric pruning shears offered by INFACO are carefully inspected, repaired and refurbished by specialist technicians (the same ones who manufactured them!) before being put back into the distribution network in France. The pruning shears are reconditioned and the charger checked, and are delivered with their entire new ecosystem: case, battery, waistcoat, accessory box, grease can. The tool, F3010 or F3015, comes with a 1-year guarantee (with no option to extend the guarantee), giving you extra peace of mind.

Reducing your environmental footprint

Buying second-hand (or reconditioned) generally helps to reduce everyone's carbon footprint in a society of mass consumption. This also applies to professional electric pruning shears! Buying them reconditioned helps to reduce the demand for new equipment. By extending the lifespan of existing products, you are helping to reduce the environmental footprint of your company and that of INFACO. This whole initiative is part of an important approach to sustainable development.

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Several INFACO models concerned

INFACO launched its F3020 on the market in 2022 and is offering a trade-in price for old models. The brand is therefore offering reconditioned F3015 pruning shears with various accessories: medium, maxi, claw and garlic kit. Fixed and telescopic poles are also available. All these products are available while stocks last and on request from an approved distributor.

Support and after-sales service

When you buy a reconditioned pruning shear from the brand, you're buying a whole host of services, including an efficient after-sales service. If you need technical advice or repairs, INFACO guarantees responsive, high-quality assistance through its distribution network. An invaluable asset when you know how important it is to have high-performance electric pruning shears that work perfectly throughout the pruning season!

Convinced? Buying your reconditioned professional electric pruning shears could be the right option for you. It will allow you to save money, help protect the environment, while benefiting from quality products and technical support. Contact your usual INFACO distributor to find out about the terms and conditions of this purchase as well as product availability.