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5 tips for optimum use of your INFACO electric pruning shears!

Have you just bought your F3020 pruning shears, or did you buy them last year but haven't yet discovered all their secrets?
In fact, this 9th generation of electric pruning shears is a compendium of technologies to be exploited. INFACO gives you its top 5 tips for using the brand's latest tool and getting the most out of it.
Let's get started!

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Always keep safety in mind!

Safety has always been essential to INFACO. Since the 1990s, the brand has invested heavily in research into cut-protection solutions for customers. The F3020 is fitted as standard with an additional electronic safety device (known as the DSES).
This new wireless safety system consists of a conductive trigger that acts as a link between the user's body and the electronic system of the professional pruning shears. As soon as the cutting head comes into contact with the opposite hand, the blade reopens instantly. This system works in direct contact with the skin, but we recommend that you wear INFACO conductive gloves: they amplify the signal and provide greater protection. In fact, they increase the conductivity of the system, making reactivity uniform over the entire surface of the hand.

Since no safety system can substitute for the utmost caution, please simply follow the usual rules when using sharp objects, such as: don't put your finger between the blades when testing 😉

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It's easy to customise the cutting speed of your tool

The F3020's two operating modes are designed to give you a tool that suits the way you use it and the way you feel about it:

  • Soft mode: a new mode on the brand's latest professional electric pruning shears, it is particularly suited to people learning the pruning trade and/or those who prefer the tool's control flexibility to its performance. It is gentler than the standard mode and less spontaneous.
  • Standard mode: this allows the blade to advance progressively at full speed, and is suitable for experienced users who want to take full advantage of the power and cutting speed. This mode makes it the fastest pruning shear on the market.

To switch from one mode to the other, quickly press the switch on the pruning shear 6 times (3 times back and forth): the soft LED lights up or goes out depending on the initial state. (see instructions)

Adapt your pruning shear's electronic settings to your ideal position

To further adapt your tool to your personal use, two electronic settings are available on your electric pruning shears:

  • The half-opening setting: 10 opening positions, to find the one that's ideal for you. When you're cutting small-diameter branches (twigs, for example), adjust the half-opening to make pruning quicker and more efficient.
  • Blade crossing adjustment: 10 positions to programme to get the perfect crossing so your blades always overlap, even after daily sharpening.
    Flip the switch on your tool to adjust the half-opening and blade crossing (see instructions).
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Use a sharpener to get a better edge in record time

With an electric sharpener, you can easily maintain a penetrating blade profile. This action reduces the cutting effort exerted on the motor and its mechanics and therefore preserves the tool. INFACO offers its A48v3 electric sharpener (price from your usual distributor) compatible with F3005/3010/3015/3020 batteries thanks to its 3-pin connector. It saves a considerable amount of time on daily sharpening and gives you better pruning performance.

Thetungsten carbide sharpener (available from your usual distributor) keeps the blade sharp for impeccable cutting quality. It also reduces the risk of wood diseases spreading.

To ensure the best possible sharpening, we recommend sharpening twice a day with a stone or electric sharpener and using the INFACO carbide sharpener once an hour.

Pruning shears and a mobile app for connected pruning

An additional Bluetooth device, connected to the pruning shears and to a mobile application, allows you to "connect pruning". INFACO recommends this use for those who wish to manage the progress of pruning and thus better organise work by plot. The connected solutions offered by INFACO are equally suited to small and large farms. The application can also be used to make electronic adjustments to the pruning shears and switch from standard to soft mode.

After these 5 tips, it's now up to you to prune!