Combination of F3020 electric pruning shears and AT1000 attachment

How INFACO contributes to sustainable development

in its product development strategy?

Since the company was founded, INFACO's philosophy of environmental sustainability and the repairability of its products have been linked. They are designed and manufactured to last, and exclusive maintenance services ensure that they remain in good working order. Reducing the environmental impact of our products is a key challenge for companies today. Here's a look at some of INFACO's key initiatives in this area.

Tools with low environmental impact

When INFACO's founder created the world's first electric pruning shears in 1985, he made a simple observation: the future is moving towards electric power, so we need to create tools that emit no CO2. This initiative has remained the guiding principle for 40 years for the in-house Research & Development department, which works all year round to innovate the professional electric tools of tomorrow.

For the fastener, the only tool that uses consumables, we have endeavoured to take into account and limit our impact as much as possible. We've used a coated steel wire surrounded by fully degradable paper, so there's no waste in the field. Respectful of nature, the paper protects the attached branch, preventing the wood from shearing. Gimped wire is wrapped in a strip of paper that forms a much thicker layer, and unlike flat wire, no glue is used in its manufacture.

Sécateur F3020 medium en arboriculture

Durability and repairability of tools to protect the environment

By definition, durability is the character of something that lasts. At INFACO, we produce tools that last. The proof is in the pudding: on the market, Electrocoup tools dating back to 1985 are still in use! To guarantee this level of longevity, like the programmed obsolescence used by certain brands, we guarantee an unprecedented after-sales service, thanks in particular to :

  • The factory overhaul service in France, a general annual check where parts subject to wear and tear are replaced. This service is carried out on INFACO's premises by specialist technicians, the same people who produced the pruning shears;
  • The availability of spare parts for more than 20 years, giving a second life to old pruning shears that are still working rather than buying new ones.
Sécateur électrique F3020 tête maxi en espaces verts - INFACO

Local values and the circular economy

More generally and structurally, INFACO has local values in its DNA and works to promote local production. The main societal challenge lies in creating direct employment within the company and additional activity among all of its French partners in order to preserve local know-how. Wherever possible, the company works with local, regional or national partners. It is only as a last resort and if the expertise requires it that we work with foreign partners. This approach is recognised by the Origine France Garantie label.

Surrounding ourselves with local partners and suppliers remains the best way of reducing our carbon footprint, with a reduced and controlled supply chain.