Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 portage gilet en viticulture - INFACO
Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 portage gilet version gaucher en viticulture - INFACO

The electric pruning shears solution to reduce occupational illness

and recruitment problems in companies

Agriculture is an essential part of the French economy, but it is also a very physically demanding profession, depending on the workstation. Farmers and agricultural workers are faced with repetitive tasks and difficult movements, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that are painful and restrictive on a daily basis. These occupational illnesses can not only affect workers' quality of life, but can also cause recruitment difficulties for companies. In addition to the MSA's generic prevention measures, there is one solution that can help solve this dual challenge: the use of INFACO electric pruning shears.

3 viticulteurs munis de sécateurs électriques professionnel F3020 en viticulture, un portage gilet, un portage ceinture et un portage batterie à la ceinture pantalon - INFACO

Musculoskeletal disorders in agriculture: a real obstacle to recruitment

MSDs are common occupational illnesses in the agricultural sector, linked to the repetitive movements required to prune trees and vines, maintain plots of land throughout the year or harvest fruit. These disorders, such as back, shoulder, arm and wrist pain, are the cause of difficult agricultural work. They lead to an increase in work-related accidents, sick leave and even absenteeism.

Although concerned about the working conditions of their employees, these health problems are becoming a major obstacle for agricultural employers looking to recruit skilled labour. Applicants are increasingly concerned about their well-being at work and their health. They are aware of the impact of MSDs and may be less motivated to invest in agriculture, preferring less physically demanding work. This is a real problem for agricultural employers, who are struggling to find and retain skilled workers.

3 viticulteurs munis de sécateurs électriques professionnel F3020 en viticulture - INFACO

What if the solution was: INFACO electric pruning shears?

Almost 40 years ago, Dany Delmas invented the world's first professional electric pruning shears. At the time, he designed it for his winegrower friends in the Gaillaic vineyards. Today, it's used by farmers all over the world: winegrowers, of course, but also arboriculturists, olive growers, landscapers and green space professionals. They will all tell you that using an INFACO electric pruning shear is a game changer. The F3020 is an innovative tool designed to make pruning work easier, thus reducing the physical strain on farm workers.

Reduced physical effort and risk of occupational disease

INFACO's electric pruning shears are equipped with advanced technology that enables them to cut efficiently and smoothly, minimising the effort required of workers. Workers no longer need to exert intense pressure on their hands and wrists, which considerably reduces the risk of RSI.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 portage batterie à la ceinture en viticulture - INFACO

Speed and increased productivity

Professional electric pruning shears enable faster pruning, which improves business productivity. Employees can do more work in less time, which increases productivity. In the long term, this also means that fewer staff can be taken on, reducing recruitment costs.

Attracting and retaining employees

Providing employees with efficient, ergonomic tools makes the company more attractive to job applicants. They will be more inclined to choose a job that takes their health and well-being into account. In a seasonal environment, where staff turnover can be high, you can increase the loyalty of employees who return from one season to the next.

By investing in INFACO's professional electric pruning shears for your company, not only can you improve the health and well-being of your current workers, but you can also attract new talent! Taking account of and preventing MSDs using modern tools solves a major recruitment problem in the agricultural sector. Providing a safer and more efficient working environment is an approach that will have a positive impact on a business in the long term. So why wait? Visit your nearest INFACO authorised distributor and equip your employees before the end of the season, making your business an attractive and sustainable place to work.