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When is it appropriate to use pruning shears

Is a professional pole-mounted electrical system recommended?

When it comes to pruning trees, shrubs or other tall plants, using a professional pole-mounted electric pruning shears is a wise choice. This versatile tool offers many advantages for landscapers and green space professionals. INFACO offers a wide range of poles, suitable for all uses: arboriculture, green spaces, olive growing and forestry.

To reach high branches

The main advantage of electric pole pruners is their ability to reach inaccessible and/or high places. When branches are too far away to be cut by hand or with conventional electric pruning shears, the pole makes it easy to reach these areas. INFACO offers several types of pole:

  • Fixed poles measuring 1m27, 2m27 or 2m36
  • Telescopic poles from 1m47 to 2m12, 1m56 to 2m20 or from 2m46 to 4m.

Poles are available with built-in or back-mounted batteries. Integrating the battery into the pole is a brand new feature that makes the whole thing more ergonomic thanks to better weight distribution and improved balance.


Save time and improve safety

Using a F3020 professional electric pruning shear on a fixed or telescopic pole saves time and physical effort. Instead of using a ladder, press the Bluetooth mobile trigger on the pole to make precise cuts from the ground, eliminating the risk of falling. The mobility and rotation of the trigger handle means that the pruning shears can be used in all possible positions.

For precision cutting

The INFACO electric pruning shears are designed to provide a clean, precise cut, thanks to their sharp blade. Mounted on a pole, the tool is just as formidable when it comes to cutting precision. This is particularly important for guaranteeing the quality of plant cuts, preventing wood diseases and promoting growth.

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For jobs of all sizes

Electric pruning shears are an essential asset for pruning professionals, whatever the size of the job. They enable you to cut numerous branches quickly, while avoiding muscle fatigue. The F3020 electric pruning shears have three interchangeable cutting heads, so they can be adapted to any pruning situation, either on a pole or directly in the hand:

  • Standard kits with a cutting diameter of up to 40mm, more suited to vines and fruit trees;
  • Medium kits with a cutting diameter of up to 45mm, more suited to forestry and green spaces;
  • The maxi kits with a cutting diameter of up to 55mm, particularly useful for processing fruit trees and pruning in the forest.

These three kits work perfectly on fixed and telescopic poles.

Using a pole with an electric pruning shear is therefore recommended in a variety of situations, including reaching inaccessible places at height, saving time, getting a precise cut and dealing with large-scale jobs. If you are looking for a versatile tool for your pruning needs and are considering investing in a pole-mounted electric pruning shear to make your jobs easier, contact your usual INFACO-approved distributor.