Why choose a security system? and how to care for your glove?

Safety has always been essential to INFACO. The company has been a pioneer in this field since 2000, investing heavily in Research & Development to innovate new cut protection systems. The solutions deployed are ever more accessible, safer and more innovative.

Two safety systems on the F3020

For full details of how to use the safety systems, please refer to the pruning shears manual.


The Wireless Supplementary Electronic Safety Device, with or without glove, as standard

The F3020 professional electric pruning shears are all equipped with an anti-cut system called the DSES Wireless (for Wireless Supplementary Electronic Safety Device). This consists of a conductive trigger that acts as a link between the user's body and the tool's electronic system. As soon as the cutting head comes into contact with the pruner's opposite hand, it instantly reopens: an accident can be avoided.

The setting can be deactivated for a single cut or permanently. To find out how, watch the tutorial.

The wired Supplementary Electronic Safety Device, optional and with glove

Unlike the wireless system, the wired option requires you to wear an INFACO conductive glove. It is connected to a specific power cable for the F3020. It works on the same principle as the wireless option: as soon as the cutting head comes into contact with the conductive glove, the blade reopens instantly. This wired device promises protection for the person pruning, while reducing the risk of the blade reopening unexpectedly when the wood is damp, sappy or close to the ground. Its use is recommended for professionals pruning in these conditions, to guarantee their protection despite the permanent deactivation of the "Wireless" system.


Why is it still advisable to use a glove with the wireless system?

Even though the wireless safety system works by direct contact with the skin, each person has their own level of conductivity. In order to guarantee a high level of conductivity, and therefore the safety of the tailor, gloves are recommended. It is particularly recommended for :

  • Increase the conductivity of the safety system
  • Evenly distribute reactivity across the entire surface of the hand, even on areas with little or no conductivity (such as fingernails, for example)
  • Reduce nuisance tripping on damp wood and/or wood that is too close to the ground.

How should protective gloves be cared for?

Whatever the conductive glove, Wireless or wired, it is necessary to maintain it to guarantee its performance. INFACO recommends washing the glove by hand at least once a week in clean, cold water and without detergents.

INFACO looks forward to seeing you at Sitevi 2023 in Montpellier, to discover a revolutionary new safety option. It will soon be available as an option for the F3020. It will be presented exclusively on our stand, Hall B5 stand B032, by our engineers from the Research & Development department in a dedicated area: the innovation area.