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Why choose electric pruning shears? for pruning his vines?

Pruning is an essential stage in growing vines. It can last from a few weeks to several months, depending on the area and type of pruning. It's an intense time for pruners, and many of them turn to professional electric tools. But why?

Precision cutting

When it comes to pruning, precision is paramount: each cut must be clean and made in the right place to ensure healthy vine growth. The F3020 electric pruning shears are precise, with a sharp blade that makes clean, uniform cuts.

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Saving time and effort for the professional

Pruning vines is time-consuming, and the F3020 is designed to reduce the amount of effort required by the pruner. It speeds up the cutting process: 0.22 seconds is all it takes to make one cut! With electric pruning shears, you can prune more vines in less time, and finish jobs faster.

Muscle fatigue in the vineyard

Hand and arm muscles are overworked during the pruning season. The F3020 electric pruning shears have been designed to be ergonomic and lightweight. Its use therefore considerably reduces the weight at the end of the arm and the inherent muscle fatigue, thanks also to an innovative carrying system. This new level of comfort means you can work with greater peace of mind.

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Safety at work

Safety is paramount, and INFACO has made it a priority since the 1990s. Making increasingly powerful tools, yes, but incorporating safety! On the F3020, a system is included as standard: the additional wireless electronic safety device. This consists of a conductive trigger that acts as a link between the user's body and the pruning shear's electronic system. As soon as the cutting head comes into contact with the opposite hand, the pruning shear blade reopens instantly, preventing any accident.

Versatility in use

INFACO offers professional electric pruning shears with adjustable settings such as half-opening or blade crossing. The F3020 adapts to all types of vines, cutting techniques and pruners (right-handed, left-handed, male, female, etc.). The unrivalled progressiveness of this new pruning shear will delight all users from the very first minutes of use.

#Did you know? Various cutting heads can be fitted to the pruning shears, making them a highly versatile ally throughout the farm:

  • standard, up to 40mm, particularly suited to vines
  • medium, up to 45mm, specially designed for arboriculture and green spaces
  • maxi, up to 55mm ideal for pruning vines, transforming fruit trees or forests
  • onglon, for trimming sheep and goats

Other INFACO accessories, such as the Bluetooth pole and connected box, make these the most complete ecosystem pruning shears on the market.

Sécateur électrique professionnel F3020 tête medium en viticulture - INFACO

Equipment durability

Investing in quality professional electric pruning shears is a winning bet. INFACO tools are designed to last over time. The materials used are first choice, mainly "made in France", guaranteeing their quality. What's more, the brand's pruning shears carry the "Origine France Garantie" label, ensuring complete traceability in the design and manufacture of its tools.

If, in addition, pruners take good care of their pruning shears by following the manufacturer's advice, they'll have many happy years ahead of them!

In conclusion, choosing INFACO's F3020 electric pruning shears for pruning vines will be as beneficial for the pruner as it will be for the vines. To purchase your pruning shears, visit your usual authorised distributor.