INFACO Tour 2024: the week in review of encounters and challenges

The INFACO Tour 2024, a national event which took place from 27 to 31 May, gave our teams the opportunity to meet customers across France and present our latest innovations, such as the F3020 electric pruning shears equipped with the latest safety system. As well as showcasing our latest innovations and welcoming our partners, the company's ambition was to offer participants a breath of fresh air in these complicated times. To achieve this: the INFACO Challenge! A fun competition in which the speed, skill and precision of the participants are put to the test with an INFACO F3020 professional electric pruning shears in their hands. The challenge was accepted by the hundred or so entrants and taken up by the fifty lucky ones drawn at random. Each city (Gaillac, Béziers, Beaune, Saumur and Saint-Emilion) competed in three different events, with the aim of achieving the best possible time.

The concept of the INFACO Challenge competition

The concept of the INFACO Challenge is simple: game supports (wooden logs) made in-house, into which wooden sticks marked with different coloured adhesive are inserted. A few seconds before each event, the participants find out the rules and which sticks to cut and/or not to cut. If the wrong stick is cut, a time penalty is added to the final score.

The winners of the INFACO Tour 2024

The challenge was held over 5 days, in 5 different cities. Each evening, the fastest participant was chosen as the stage winner from among the 10 drawn on site, and won his or her F3020 electric pruning shears fitted with the latest-generation Contactless safety system. In total, there were 5 winners, and the one with the fastest time also won a family trip to Portugal.

Towards a second edition of the INFACO Tour?

The INFACO Tour 2024 is now over, the lorry has left and so has the entire INFACO team that was mobilised for the event. The week was full of meetings and discussions around the regional tasting buffets. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but one thing's for sure: given the enthusiasm for this fun game, we'll be talking about the INFACO Challenge again soon! Stay tuned.

A week of discoveries and encounters

Since a video is always better than 1,000 words, we invite you to take a look at this video retrospective of our week of discoveries and encounters...
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