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Interview with a Japanese tree trimmer

INFACO put a few questions to a Japanese tree pruner who has been using the F3020 professional pruning shears for a year. With its autonomy and power, he tells us about his experience!
Meet Yamato Tatekawa, working for Tondabayashi Green Co.

Hello Yamato, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi, my name is Yamato Tatekawa and I'm 25 years old. I work in landscaping and outdoor works. As part of my job, I work as a tree pruner. It's a multi-skilled job that goes beyond 'simple' tree pruning, as I sometimes have to climb to heights of several dozen metres!

Can you describe the equipment used by a tree pruner?

The most important thing is safety and avoiding any risk of falling. So I'm equipped with a rope, a harness and various items of PPE (protective equipment): helmet, hearing protection, goggles, cut-resistant trousers, safety shoes, cuffs and gloves. Then you need the right size of equipment. A year ago, I chose INFACO's electric pruning shears. And I'm more than satisfied!


Can you tell us how the F3020 pruning shear is particularly suited to your job?

I use the F3020 pruning shear, fitted as standard with the DSES Wireless anti-cutting system, with a standard kit for my pruning work, particularly when I'm working as an arborist-climber. I particularly like the power and ease of cutting, because when you're several dozen metres above the ground, you need to be fast and efficient. What's more, the battery lasts much longer than other products on the market. That's an undeniable advantage.

A final word?

Frankly, the INFACO professional electric pruning shears are the best product I've ever tested. I plan to buy a second one in the near future and adapt the medium and maxi kits, which will enable me to be even more efficient.

To find out more about the F3020, go to the product page.