Pruner equipped with INFACO F3020 professional electric pruning shears

Power and performance :

advantages for professional electric pruning shears with remote battery

You're a professional pruner and, with the coming season approaching, you're looking to equip yourself with power-assisted tools. There are plenty on the market, and you can choose between pruning shears with built-in batteries and those with remote batteries. For intensive use, i.e. 7 to 8 hours a day, it's essential to compare power, speed and efficiency to make the right choice. We'll help you take stock!

Is there a difference in power between remote and built-in batteries?

The answer is... Yes! With a remote battery, efficiency is constant throughout the day. It gradually decreases after approximately 6 hours of cutting. In contrast, an integrated battery has an autonomy of around 2 hours, and you need 4 batteries to reach 8 hours of intensive cutting. Each battery will discharge after about 1 hour of use. The tailor will therefore be working half his time with even less performance.

See the graph opposite.

Does the power of a pruning shear influence its cutting speed?

The answer is... Yes! The bigger the wood, the longer it will take the blade to cut it: that's logic. But when a pruning shear is powerful enough, the loss of speed on large cuts is almost imperceptible. This is also the case with pruning shears with a remote battery, unlike pruning shears with an integrated battery, which lose a great deal of cutting speed the thicker the wood.

See graph opposite.

Tailleurs équipés INFACO en vigne

Does the speed of a pruning shear influence the yield of a farm?

The answer is... of course! Let's just concentrate on working time. With faster pruning shears, the number of plants pruned per day is greater. This is a real finding in the field, which we have tried to quantify.

Taking into account the average cutting time results set out above and assuming that one makes around 15,000 cuts per day:

  • With an INFACO pruning shear, the effective cutting time is 1 hour per day ((15,000 x 0.24s) / 60 = 60 minutes*).
  • With a pruning shear with integrated battery, the effective cutting time is 1h30 per day ((15,000 x 0.37s)/60 = 92.50 minutes*)

There is a difference of around 30 minutes between the two pruning shears for the same number of cuts per day. This represents a difference of 2.5 hours per week, or more than 10 hours per month. Over a pruning season, this represents savings of up to €450 thanks to the electric pruning shears. In 3 years, these labour savings will simply pay for the purchase of an INFACO electric pruning shear.

The yield of a farm is obviously calculated using other metrics, but this one provides a starting point. To take things a step further, we've provided 12 tips to help you choose the right electric pruning shears for next season.

*this time corresponds solely to the time taken to make the cut and does not include the time taken to reopen the blade, which is considered to be the hidden time taken to move on to the next cut, or the time taken for the pruner to travel.