The ultimate guide to finding the ideal electric pruning shears: 12 questions to ask yourself

You're a professional pruner and, with the next season approaching, you're looking to equip yourself with power-assisted tools. There's a lot on offer on the market, and you need to ask yourself a lot of questions to make the right choice: type of use, weight, safety, power, speed, reliability, performance, after-sales service, durability, distribution network or even the reputation of the brand to choose from to make the right choice.
We'll help you take stock!

1. Do you use your tool intensively?

This is the first question to ask when considering the purchase of a tool, particularly professional electric pruning shears. Intensive use means at least 3 to 4 hours of continuous pruning in the morning and perhaps as much in the afternoon, i.e. more than 7 hours in a single day. For this kind of use, which is considered "intensive", we recommend you choose a light, fast, powerful and reliable machine.

You'll find details of each argument below: light, fast, powerful and reliable.

2. Do you want to protect your health?

Naturally, when choosing a professional device to carry around a whole day's work, you should choose one that is as light and safe as possible. The slightest gram saved throughout the day can make a major difference and reduce musculoskeletal disorders. With electric pruning shears being used more and more frequently, it's important to find out about the safety systems available to protect against cuts.

We have written a full article on the importance of taking health and safety into account when pruning. To read it, click here.

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3. Do you want total control over your tool?

An electric pruning shear is a motor-assisted tool, which provides real comfort for its user. However, you still need to choose a tool with very precise blade control in order to master its use perfectly. It's important to go for a tool that guarantees total precision of blade advance. There are different types of tool: "Impulsive" (on/off) and "Progressive" (servo-controlled according to the progress of the trigger). In today's competitive landscape, all tools must be progressive.

But to take things a step further, there's now a 'standard' or 'soft' control option that lets novices and experts alike get to grips with the tool at two different speeds. Find out more about these innovative control modes by clicking here.

4. Do you need a powerful tool?

As a professional, you don't have to choose between cutting quality and cutting capacity. There are pruning shears on the market with a wide opening and the right amount of power for clean, plant-friendly work. It's important to ensure that the power remains equivalent, even as the cuts get bigger and bigger.

We've produced a cross-referenced study, complete with figures, to show power as a function of wood diameter. Click here to consult it.


5. Do you want good performance?

Yield is directly linked to tool speed. The faster it is, the faster you go, the more profitable you are. On the other hand, a pruning shear with a non-optimised speed will result in a loss of yield, and therefore significant economic losses.

We have carried out a comparative study, backed up by figures, to illustrate the loss of yield due to speed. To find out more, click here.

6. Do you need a reliable tool?

Like any professional, having a reliable tool is essential! It will ensure that you are efficient during the season and that you get a good yield. A reliable tool should be designed from the outset. Choose a brand that has its own Research & Development department and listens to the expectations of its customers who use it in the field. Ask about the tests carried out, in the laboratory or in the field, to ensure that the tool is used in a way that is equivalent and representative of your activity.

To find out more about a company that is committed to its innovation policy, visit its presentation.

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7. Are you looking for an efficient manufacturer's after-sales service?

The effectiveness of a manufacturer's after-sales service is measured not only by the quality of the services it offers, but also by its speed, efficiency, availability and coverage of any warranties. Make sure you have a particularly efficient and responsive after-sales service during peak periods, i.e. when you need immediate information or repairs to keep your farm running smoothly. Also, check that the manufacturer you have chosen offers and carries out "factory overhauls" after intensive pruning and tying seasons. This service promises to give you peace of mind going into the next season, and reduce the risk of breakdowns, since worn parts are changed and there are numerous check points on the other key parts of the tools.

Click here to find out all about a manufacturer that has made its after-sales service a must.

8. Do you need pruning shears that last and can be repaired?

Go for durability rather than programmed obsolescence! Make sure that the brand you choose for your tools is able to supply you with spare parts to guarantee durability for up to several decades. That way, you won't have to change models regularly, and you can be sure that your tool will be in good working order. On the other hand, without this, and in the event of intensive use, you will be forced to renew your equipment too regularly, which could be detrimental to your bottom line.

Discover an example of a company committed to sustainable development, in particular with the durability and repairability of tools to protect the environment.

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9. Is brand reputation important to you?

A manufacturer's reputation is built up over decades, and guarantees the satisfaction of its customers and future customers. So you're more likely to trust a brand that's been around for a long time and has a proven track record. Reputable brands are fortunate enough to benefit from a loyal and extensive distribution network, offering sound advice.

To find out more about the history of a company that changed the lives of winegrowers around the world 40 years ago, visit 1984-2024: 40 years of history and innovation.

10. Do you need a reliable distributor?

Thousands of distributors form a network covering the whole of France (and on a larger scale, the rest of the world). Each one is free to market the brands it trusts most. Your distributor must be a good expert in the agricultural sector and know how to advise you on your equipment. He or she must also be available and efficient in the event of after-sales service, and be able to guarantee your equipment and spare parts. Finally, make sure that your distributor is regularly trained by the brand you have chosen, to guarantee a reliable after-sales service.

To contact a distributor selling reliable, professional agricultural tools near you, go to the interactive map.

11. Want to make up your own mind before you buy?

To make up your own mind, listen to the opinions and advice of users who have already purchased a product. Find out more about your chosen brand from an expert community. The best advertising comes from the users themselves. If you're a professional, don't hesitate to ask around to see what your friends and/or neighbours in the same sector as you think.
Check out specialist websites to see what opinions are given on different products, such as the Matériel et Viticulture Facebook group.

Also, come and touch and test the products at the various trade fairs organised by the manufacturers themselves - it's the best way to form your own opinion. Find out more about the year's main agricultural trade shows in the article In 2024, you have a date with INFACO.

12. Do you want eco-friendly pruning shears that respect CSR values?

You work in and for nature, so choose a manufacturer who is committed to it and is guided by CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) values. There are several arguments to consider, such as the durability of the tool, discussed in point 7: choose a brand that innovates with tools that last over time, as opposed to those that rely on programmed obsolescence. This is often also linked to the origin of the spare parts or the manufacturing process. If 'French quality' is important to you, then choose a company with the Origine France Garantie label that cares about the well-being of its employees and works with local partners to ensure the lowest possible C02 impact, rather than one that outsources its manufacturing to Asia with poor quality spare parts.

To find out more about our policy on this subject, read the article on the design and manufacture of "Origine France Garantie" tools.

You've got the keys! Once you've answered these 12 questions, you should know which brand and model to choose for your future electric pruning shears. If you still have questions, contact our support department.