Presentation of our contacless security system at sitevi 2023
Présentation de notre système de sécurité contacless au sitevi 2023

Revolution in electric pruning shears: a contactless break protection device (DSES Contactless)

INFACO, world leader in innovation for wine-making tools, is writing a new chapter in the history of electric pruning shears with the official announcement of the imminent marketing of Contactless. After five years of intensive Research & Development (R&D) and field trials approved by testers, this revolutionary safety system is ready to take up the challenge of teaching pruners how to prune again by redefining protection and safety standards.

Unrivalled innovation in the world of pruning shears

Contactless represents an unprecedented technological advance in the world of electric pruning shears. It is not just an evolution, but a revolution in the way winegrowing professionals approach pruning. For the first time, an electric pruning shear incorporates a non-contact anti-cutting system - the inevitable future for these tools, if studies by the MSA are to be believed. Pruning shears are becoming increasingly powerful and fast, while pruners are becoming increasingly hardened and less cautious: many of them deactivate safety systems to go faster, and accidents happen quickly.
Contactless promises to reintroduce pruning in complete safety.

INFACO, a pioneer in electric pruning shears since 1985, continues to push back the boundaries of innovation. The Contactless represents the quintessence of five generations of safety systems, combining reliability, responsiveness and the absence of accidental triggering.

Présentation de notre système de sécurité contacless au sitevi 2023

How does Contactless work?

This new device guarantees unprecedented performance, ensuring maximum safety while preserving the pruning shear's operational efficiency. Contactless consists of a discreet transmitter module, worn on the hand opposite the pruning shear using a mitt or glove (mid-season or winter), and a receiver integrated into the latest INFACO F3020 professional electric pruning shear.

The major advantage of the new safety system is its contactless operation. The blade of the pruning shears opens instantly as soon as the shears come dangerously close to the hand, creating an invisible protective bubble and preventing the risk of cuts. This innovation is based on five years of continuous fine-tuning to provide total protection right down to the fingertips to avoid any accidents, while still allowing the pruner to position his hand as close as possible to the tool. The system incorporates three very precise bubble dimensions, depending on the size of the hand.

Stand pôle innovation au sitevi 2023

Available for sizes 2024-2025 and for all F3020 pruning shears

INFACO had it all planned... All F3020 pruning shears sold since March 2022 can be equipped with Contactless! The option will be available from March 2024 in the southern hemisphere and from September 2024 in the northern hemisphere, particularly in France.

Before the official launch and before revealing any more, you can watch a video made during Sitevi by the YouTubers "La Vitibio d'Emilie et Benjamin".

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NB: this article is published in December 2023, no French distributor will have Contactless before September 2024.