Photo oléiculture vibreur à olives poignée multifonction PW3 - INFACO

Olive growing

Photo oléiculture vibreur à olives poignée multifonction PW3 - INFACO


Photo vibreur à olives alternatif PW3 - INFACO

v5000 P3

The V5000 olive harvester and its two comb movements,
elliptical and alternating, needs to be seen. The V5000’s unprecedented
versatility make it the ideal olive harvesting tool,
combining performance, comfort of use and accuracy.

Photo Electroliv' avec olives - INFACO


Comfort of use thanks to its elliptical movement,
power and low weight are the keywords to describe the Electroliv.

Chain sawing

Tronçonneuse élagueuse TR9 sur poignée motorisée PW3 en oléiculture - INFACO

chain saw

An essential tool for olive tree maintenance, the TR9 chain saw head on a
POWERCOUP PW3 motorised grip provides ease of use and makes it possible to carry out the structural pruning necessary for healthy trees.


Sécateur F3020 standard oléiculture - INFACO

F3020 pruning shears

A precursor in the electric pruning shear sector for almost 40 years,
the F3020’s power and effectiveness in all situations
meets the needs of professional olive growers.


Photo scie SC160 PW3 en action en oléiculture - INFACO

sc160p3 saw

Created for precision work, the POWERCOUP PW3 is the ideal tool for large,
neat and accurate cuts while limiting wood disease consecutive to its use.
Its great working comfort makes it a choice tool for professionals.