Photo thinner PW3 - INFACO

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Blossom thinner EC1700 Powercoup PW3

The electric thinning tool lightweight and easy to handle

Photo thinner PW3 - INFACO



The professional electric thinning tool from INFACO is lightweight and easy to handle, it fits onto the Powercoup PW3 pole. It is particularly appreciated in arboriculture.

Mounted on a pole, the thinning tool head offers a novel solution for orchardists to perform mechanical thinning at the flowering stage. This technique promises an average hectare gain of 60 to 70 hours compared to manual operation. This operation is essential for self-fertile varieties: it optimizes fruit size and maturity.

Equipped with ten configurable speed ranges, the tool aims to be precise and selective. It facilitates orchard maintenance.

Our benefits
Respect of the plant
  • The brush wires allow for complete respect of the vegetation while facilitating passage between branches.
configurable speed
  • The speed can be programmed from 320 to 1900 rpm depending on the species, the plant and the intended result.
Ease and safety
  • The telescopic pole, from 1.5 to 1.9 m long, makes it possible to work safely from the ground.
technical specifications
Technical information Length Weight Power Speed
On telescopic pole
1,5 to 1,9 m
2,9 kg
264 W
320 to 1 900 rpm


Versatile Motorized Multifunction Handle

IINFACO offers the POWERCOUP PW3 range, succeeding the PW2 and still operating on the concept of interchangeable machine heads.
One handle = 10 professional power tools : pruner, hedge trimmer, saw, olive shaker, de-leafer, thinning tool, grooving tool, hoeing tool, and sweeper.

Compact, maneuverable, and lightweight, the POWERCOUP PW3 handle provides optimal working comfort. It is silent and eco-friendly, making it suitable for various maintenance tasks in residential areas, campgrounds, or any other noise-sensitive zones.

The PW3 handle features a flat motor using "Brushless" technology without carbon brushes.

Through electronic recognition, the handle's speed adjusts automatically based on the attached tool. This allows for fine-tuning of the motor's performance to achieve the best power/speed/torque compromise depending on the tools being used.


The POWERCOUP PW3 range is compatible with all 48 Volts INFACO batteries (F3005, F3010, Lithium F3015, and L810B).

PW3 is not compatible with the 36 Volts L100B battery of the F3020 pruner.

F3015 Battery

Lithium 120Wh battery weighing 810g. The battery can be carried 4 different ways: on a vest with straps, using the belt (without straps), using a trouser belt clip or directly in the pocket thanks to its small format.

L850B Battery

Lithium battery attached to a vest with straps, of a weight of 3.5 kg.

Technical information Battery weight Hedge-trimmer autonomy
810 g
1 à 2 heures
3,5 kg
10 à 15 heures

The POWERCOUP PW3 range is also compatible with the F3010 battery