de-cankering toolpowercoup

De-cankering tool Powercoup PW3

The fast and effective de-cankering tool

Photo of PW3 notching machine - INFACO

de-cankering tool

The PW3 de-cankering kits can be used to remove cankers and
quickly return to excellent tree yields. They are a less destructive alternative to cutting the infected zones.

De-cankering and disinfection consists in removing the entire contaminated part (from the bark to the healthy wood) and then disinfecting the wound (burning alcohol or bleach diluted to 4%) and applying a healing mastic.
Canker removal can be carried out all year in dry and windless weather.
100% success after de-cankering and treatment
50% faster than manual de-cankering.

  • Quick and easy
  • Accurate and effective
  • Respect of the fruit trees
Our benefits
winter de-cankering
  • In winter, the use of the oval cutter is ideal.
    With a diameter of 36 mm, all the infected
    zones are eliminated.
spring de-cankering
  • In the spring, the use of the straight cutter should be preferred. With a diameter of 25 mm, all the cankers will be carefully cleaned.


Multifunction, motorised versatile grip

After inventing the 1st electric pruning shears in the world over 35 years ago, and as the world leader for this tool, INFACO has now gained a solid reputation in the battery-powered hand tool sector.

It therefore understandably decided to develop new tools.

INFACO created the POWERCOUP PW3 range operated with interchangeable tool heads, on the basis of the same principle as its pruning shears:
1 motorised grip=7 tools: chain saw, hedge trimmer, saw, olive harvester, desuckering tool, blossom thinner and de-cankering tool.

Multi-function grip

Compact, easy to handle and lightweight, the POWERCOUP PW3 provides optimum work comfort.

Both silent and ecological, it makes it possible to carry out different types of maintenance in residential areas, on camp sites or in any other area where sound pollution is to be excluded.

The PW3 grip has a flat, carbon-free “Brushless” technology motor.

Using electronic recognition, its speed automatically adapts to the attached tool. Electronic recognition allows for the ideal performance of the motor and chooses the best combination of power, speed and torque based on the type of tool being used.

battery compatibility

The POWERCOUP PW3 range can be used with all the 48V INFACO batteries (F3005, F3010, Lithium F3015 and L810B).

PW3 is not compatible with the L100B 36 Volt battery for the F3020 pruning shear.


battery F3015

Lithium 120Wh battery weighing 810g. The battery can be carried 4 different ways: on a vest with straps, using the belt (without straps), using a trouser belt clip or directly in the pocket thanks to its small format.

battery L850B

Lithium battery attached to a vest with straps, of a weight of 3.5 kg.

Technical information Battery weight De-cankering tool autonomy
810 g
2 to 3 hours
3,5 kg
6 to 7 hours

The POWERCOUP PW3 range is also compatible with the F3010 battery



compatible tools pw3

Check out the other tools that can be fitted to the POWERCOUP PW3 motorised grip.
Easy tool changes using a rapid head fixing system.