sécateur électrique professionnel en arboriculture F3020 tête medium

Fruit growing

sécateur électrique professionnel en arboriculture F3020 tête medium


sécateur électrique sur perche en arboriculture F3020 tête medium

F3020 pruning shears

Thanks to the excellent versatility provided by the different cutting heads,
the F3020 allows for cuts of a diameter up to 100mm combined
with unprecedented power.
The preferred choice forfruit growing professionals.


Tronçonneuse élagueuse TR9 sur poignée motorisée PW3 en arboriculture - INFACO

TR9P3 Chainsaw

The TR9 chain saw on POWERCOUP was developed to make it easier to prune trees:
a limited size, ease of use and a cutting capacity of up to 150mm in diameter
in all situations.



sc160p3 saw

Created for precision work, the POWERCOUP saw is the ideal tool for large,
neat and accurate cuts while limiting wood disease consecutive to its use.
Its great working comfort makes it a choice tool for fruit growing professionals.


Photo éclaircisseuse PW3 - INFACO

blossom thinner

With its 10 programmable speeds, the POWERCOUP blossom thinning tool
provides fine-tuned work at the blossom stage to optimise fruit sizing


Photo tête échancreuse PW3 - INFACO

de-cankering tool

An alternative to sawing when maintaining infected zones in fruit growing,
the POWERCOUP de-cankering tool can be used to remove cankers and thereby return the trees to good health and yields.