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Other uses

Photo autres utilisations - INFACO



hoof kit / F3020

The hoof kit that can be used on the F 3020 pruning shear allows
for accurate, concise and fast work, limiting stress to the animal
when trimming hooves.



Garlic kit / F3010

A cutting head that fits on the F 3010 pruning shear, the Garlic kit
has a blade that is perfectly suited to uprooting garlic,
and has a cleaner cut.



tree surgeons

With its cuts of a diameter of up to 150mm, the POWERCOUP
chain saw head is very easy to handle and guarantees fast
and totally safe cuts thanks to its compact format.



F3020 pruning shears

A pioneer in the electric pruning shear sector, the F3020 is the 9th generation
developed by INFACO.
An effective, technological and reliable tool that can be used to prune wood of a diameter of up to 100mm using its 3 interchangeable heads