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The 10 tips INFACO winegrowers

for successful pruning

Vine pruning is one of the key stages in viticulture. For winegrowers all over the world, pruning is part of their daily routine in winter and ensures that their vines grow well. Winegrowing has been INFACO's core expertise since the company was founded (and remember, the first Electrocoup was invented for you!), so here are our 10 tips for successful vine pruning.

Tip 1: Choose the right time

Vines need to be pruned at the right time. The right time depends on the region, the climate and also the vine variety. There's no such thing as an exact science, but your own experience and knowledge of your farm will help you determine the optimum time.

Tip 2: Use quality tools

Investing in quality pruning tools is essential, and INFACO won't tell you otherwise! We've been innovating for nearly 40 years to offer you powerful, high-performance professional electric pruning shears at the cutting edge of technology. With the F3020, you can be sure of precision, reliability and clean cuts.

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Tip 3: Adapt pruning to the variety

Each vine variety has its own pruning needs. A personalised approach, based on your farm, is the key to success.

Tip 4: Prepare properly and think about safety

Before you start, make sure you have the necessary equipment and are fully equipped. In particular, we recommend that you wear a driver's glove to ensure your safety. Even though the F3020 has a safety system as standard, which reopens the blade on contact with the opposite hand, the glove is still highly recommended. It helps to :

  • Increase the conductivity of the safety system;
  • Render reactivity uniform over the entire surface of the hand;
  • Reduce accidental triggering on damp wood and/or wood that is too close to the ground.

Tip 5: Follow the rules of the art of winegrowing

Pruning vines requires you to follow specific techniques. Learn the appropriate methods for each type of pruning (cordon, guyot, royat, etc.) and stick to them. INFACO, in partnership with Mon-Viti, is producing the web series "A choice of pruning" to support winegrowers in their vineyards and introduce new techniques:

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Tip 6: Remove diseased branches and look after your vines

When pruning, be sure to spot and remove any diseased, dead or damaged branches. This will promote the general health of the vine and the growth of the grapes. INFACO offers a free app (available on iOS and Android) which, combined with a connected device, can be used to identify "Points to Declare" (PADs) on your plots. So, while you're pruning, you can take care of your vines by indicating broken vines, dead vines, flooding, insect infestations or broken wires with a single click. Automatic, geolocalised data feedback allows you to map your vineyard on a web interface and identify pruning progress, as well as any PADs in progress. To find out more about our connected offers, click here.

Tip 7: Pay attention to the amount of wood

Avoid over-pruning, as this could weaken the vine. You need to strike the right balance between grape production and plant vigour.

Tip 8: Keep an eye on growth

After pruning, keep an eye on the growth of new shoots. Prune if necessary to maintain the vine's desired shape.

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Tip 9: Maintain your tools

Regular maintenance of your pruning tools is important to ensure that they work efficiently throughout the season and last a long time. Clean them after each use and sharpen the blades as follows: sharpen twice a day with a stone or electric sharpener and sharpen once an hour with a carbide sharpener(see video).

INFACO electric pruning shears are designed with quality components. When they are properly maintained by winegrowers, we guarantee their durability over time. In the event of a breakdown, a network of approved distributors throughout France can carry out maintenance on site.

What's more, at the end of each season, we offer a factory overhaul service to check all parts and replace worn ones. This popular service means that you can start each new season with the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment is as good as new.

Tip no. 10: Keep training

Winegrowing is constantly evolving. Keep up to date with the latest pruning techniques and tool innovations. INFACO has set up a number of tools to help you during this pivotal season:

By following our 10 tips, you're putting all the chances on your side for successful vine pruning and a quality harvest. Happy pruning!